‘I was told my cat had been in a fight but it had actually been shot with a rifle’

A loving cat owner says she was stunned to find out her “little furry baby” had been walking around with a bullet in its head for six years. Zosia the cat – who actually lost an eye in the incident six years ago which vets assumed was caused by a cat fight, is now months away from death after the bullet from an air rifle released toxins in her head, owner Natalia Jastrowska said.

The bullet was discovered following an X-ray last week which vets carried out because they believed Zosia, aged nine, was showing signs of cognitive impairment. Natalia says it was then vets told her that it is likely Zosia’s lost eye was caused by the bullet – which they found had come from an air rifle.

Natalia, from Milford Haven, told WalesOnline: “Zosia must have been around three years of age when she arrived home with her injured right eye. We took her to the vets right away and their diagnosis was a cat attack.

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“We didn’t question this at the time as my cat has had a few scrapes with her neighbors before. The vets thought that the best thing to do was to remove Zosia’s eye, which we agreed to, and this was it for quite some time.

“It was only recently that my cat started behaving oddly. She showed signs of aggression towards others cats and even other humans – and not always in a playful way, which is nothing like her.

“We have been back and forth to the vets with her, having blood analysis and several scans but nothing conclusive came out of all these tests. It was only last week when Zosia began having incontinence episodes they were suspicious that maybe she had some cognitive problems or even a brain tumor, so they ran scans and an X-ray.

“This is when we found out that Zosia’s eye loss was due to her being shot with an air rifle rather than a cat fight as was suggested by her previous vets when it happened. We were informed that she had been living with a lead pellet inside her cranium all these years.”

The X-ray which vets said showed Zosia had a lead bullet in her head

One-eyed Zosia has been suffering with a bullet in her head for six years and no-one knew

Natalia says vets told her it meant Zosia had been being poisoned over a long period. They said she needed surgery to have it removed urgently as she would otherwise suffer from seizures and that it would eventually kill her.

Natalia, who has begun fundraising for Zosia’s surgery as she cannot afford it, said: “It would be a matter of time for the lead presence in her body to kill her. The vets sadly cannot perform the operation here due to it being in the head, and they have referred her to a vet in Bristol who can perform the operation and give Zosia her life back.

“She is currently taking medication until the surgeon can see her. But she is having seizures and incontinence episodes regularly. She is taking tablets to prevent seizures but they are making her very sleepy.

“I am very worried about her. We’ve been together for so long that I cannot imagine my life without her. It makes me very angry that all of this could have been prevented and she would still be a very happy and loving cat.”


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