INBA Athlete Marcus Koh’s Bodybuilding Workout for a Thick Back

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INBA athlete Marcus Koh’s workout to build a thick, dense back.

Having a broad, thick back will vastly enhance your physique. A muscular back will increase your shoulder-to-hip ratio, which will improve your V-taper. And a strong V-taper drastically enhances your body. Moreover, a powerful back will improve your posture, and since your back stabilizes your shoulder joints, it will improve your bench press too. International Natural Bodybuilding Association (INBA) athlete Marcus Koh shared a bodybuilding workout to build a thicker back.

Marcus Koh is a bodybuilder for INBA Australia. He recently earned his Professional Natural Bodybuilding Association (PNBA) pro card and plans to make a pro debut by the end of 2023. Koh has a goal to represent Team Australia at Natural Olympia, He shared his back workout on Instagram (IG). Koh stated:

“Here’s a Thickness focused workout! I believe everyone could use a thicker back! Never too much

DBL TAP, SAVE & TRY this next time IF YOU AGREE & want/need a thicker back like I do, CG T Bar Row, CG Pulldown, Underhand Pulldown, Seated Row, Machine Row, Underhand BB Row, Hammer Curl”

You can see Marcus Koh performing the movements of his back workout below.

Marcus Koh’s Workout for a Thicker Back


All natural bodybuilders have one thing in common–they’re naturals, of course, and don’t use performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) such as steroids. However, each INBA PNBA athlete follows a different routine. For example, 2x Natural Olympia Figure champion Alondra Chatman has the back workout she does, which consists of dumbbell bent-over rowsstability ball hyperextension, and banded barbell rows, to name a few.

Benefits of a Muscular Back

Of course, in bodybuilding, a muscular back is imperative for athletes to look good when they go on stage. However, a strong back has other benefits as well. For example, a strong back will widen your upper body, increasing your shoulder-to-waist ratio (V-taper). The more defined your V-taper is, the better your aesthetics will be.

Furthermore, you use your back for daily activities. For example, you use it to lift and carry items, and your back supports the shoulder girdle head, and neck. Although your glutes (butt) are the biggest muscle in your body, your lats (back muscle) are the second largest muscle in your body. So training this muscle is a surefire way to burn more calories and improve your body composition,

Of course, your back is essential to good posture, so training your back can help fix any back curvature. Lastly, your back prevents muscular imbalances, The back is often overlooked in male lifters since they’re usually so focused on building a thick chest. That said, a strong back will improve your bench press since it stabilizes your shoulders and helps prevent upper body imbalances–which can build an unproportioned physique and increase your chance of injury.


  • Improves aesthetics
  • Helps with daily tasks
  • Improves body composition
  • Fixes posture
  • Prevents muscular imbalances
  • Increases overall strength

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