Is Decathlon’s Magic Bike the future of cycle commuting?

Decathlon has unveiled its vision of the future – and it’s far from the sensible, practical and low-priced product we’re more accustomed to seeing from the French sports superstore chain.

The ‘Magic Bike’ is a concept e-bike (opens in new tab) and as far we know only exists in the virtual world of its own Magic Bike website (opens in new tab), However, Decathlon (opens in new tab)says that its first concept bike “embodies our first ideas to help current and future commuters in their daily commute.” With the Magic Bike, or B’Twin Concept _01 to give it its working title, it aims to “test different technologies and ideas, submit them to you to challenge them, collect your opinions whether or not you practice cycling in your daily life or in your leisure time.”

(Image credit: Decathlon)

The words “whether or not you practice cycling” are key to the concept: Decathlon’s mission is to put as many people as possible on bikes or scooters. It quotes a study that shows that in France 60% of home-to-work journeys of less than 5km are made by car, representing 25% of CO2 emissions.

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