Is keto cereal worth trying during a keto diet?

Keto cereal is something you will come across if you begin following the keto diet. It started coming to the market after manufacturers began to provide various snacks following the diet.

However, it’s important to know if you should have this cereal before adding it to your diet.

What is keto cereal?

This is a cereal that can apparently accommodate your keto diet without pushing you out of keto.

Now, cereals are usually a big no when it comes to the keto diet. That’s because it has a considerable amount of carbs, and you want to avoid carbs completely when you’re on a keto diet.

The idea of ​​a keto diet is to cut out carbohydrates so that the body is forced to burn fat for fuel. Otherwise, our bodies use carbohydrates from food to break down and use that to provide energy.

If you continue to provide the body with a significant amount of carbohydrates during the keto diet, it will eventually burn the carbs and not burn the fat, eliminating the very objective of following a keto diet.

However, more often than not, whenever you follow a keto diet, you’ll find yourself craving high-carb food. When you begin searching for keto-friendly snacks, this cereal will pop up. It’s one of the top snacks in the market that has been labeled as keto-friendly.

Even though it might be called keto-friendly, it has been highly processed to reduce the number of carbs. Hence, it may not be the best fit for your diet.

Keto cereal approximately has 17g of carbohydrates as opposed to the approximate 21g of carbohydrates in whole grain cereal. Therefore, there’s not a huge difference in carbs, and 17g of carbs is considered a high amount.

On the other hand, keto cereal cannot be judged only on the basis of carbs. You need to take into account that it provides more protein and fat compared to whole grain cereal, which is once again the goal.

That does not mean you should never try keto cereal. A good time to add that to your diet by smaller amounts is when you’re towards the end of your keto diet.

That way, your body will slowly be introduced to more carbs as the days pass, and you will be able to achieve a smooth transition to a traditional diet.

If you’re not following the keto diet, a good time to add cereal to your diet will be if you’re carb cycling. You can have cereals on days when you’re going for lower carbs and higher amounts of protein and fat. That will help you navigate your diet by maintaining a carb cycle of low and high amounts.

It’s alright if you want to have keto cereal during keto diet. Having it once or twice a week will not throw you off your keto diet, especially if you have an increased amount of protein and fat.

Bottom Line

You don’t have to shun keto cereal when you’re following a keto diet, but you can look for options that will serve your purpose better.

For example, one of the reasons you’ll want cereal is when you feel like snacking, especially late-night snacking. There are several keto-friendly options in the market that do not come with 17g of carbs. You can choose to include them in your diet instead of opting for keto cereal.

You can also find keto-friendly supplements in the market, such as protein powders, which will help you when you really want to snack. A keto-friendly protein shake can be quite filling.


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