Is the Dodge Charger Part Mercedes-Benz?

The modern sedan version of the Dodge Charger might be one of the furthest things from a sedated Mercedes-Benz car. Aside from the lunatics at AMG, very few Mercedes-Benz vehicles were meant to slide around corners in a cloud of tire smoke. However, the Dodge Charger is intended for just that sort of silliness. Still, the Dodge Charger might share a little bit more with Mercedes-Benz than you think.

Is the Dodge Charger based on a Mercedes?

Yes, the crazy Dodge Charger is based on a Mercedes-Benz E-Class platform from the 1990s. While that may seem horrifying to every muscle sedan fan, it isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Even the oldest E-Class models featured independent rear suspension, an attribute the Ford Mustang didn’t adopt until 2015.

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