Jennifer Lopez’s Big Fight Maneuvers in ‘Enough’ Bruised Her Co-Star’s Ribs

The early 2000s saw Jennifer Lopez headline more than 10 movies, including 2002’s Enough, She played Slim, a charming server who fell head over heels for a wealthy diner customer. Billy Campbell starred opposite Lopez in the film which centered on domestic abuse. In the end, Slim fought her husband like a well-trained fighter, but shooting those scenes left Lopez and Campbell bruised.

Billy Campbell and Jennifer Lopez | Theo Wargo/WireImage/Getty Images

Jennifer Lopez hurt Billy Campbell’s ribs in ‘Enough’

Armed with her dance background, Jennifer Lopez segued into combat training to prepare for her role in Enough as Slim. Midway through the film, her character connected with a professional to teach her self-defense moves, and she prepared for a showdown with her tormentor, Mitch.

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