Lawn Mower Accidents Are the Main Cause of Amputations in Children in the US

When it’s time to buy a lawn mower, the last thing on your mind is your child losing a limb. Yet, that’s exactly what happens far too often. Lawn mowers may be perfect for keeping your lawn looking fantastic, but you need to go over some safety tips with your children before you assign it as one of their chores, or they go out to play while you’re on the mower.

Lawn mower amputations are more common than you may think

Lawn mower safety | DUANE BRALEY/Star Tribune via Getty Images

It’s easy to assume that most, if not all, lawn mower amputations happen because a child is using a push mower. While this is certainly possible, riding mowers are also responsible for some of these accidents, and many times the child isnt even on the mower.

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