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World cycling champion Ottilie Quince has battled her way back to health following a kidney transplant and two bouts of cancer in her transplanted kidney. She is now about to tackle a grueling 21-day cycle ride through seven countries, covering over 1,500 miles from Bedfordshire to Majorca to raise money for charities supporting the work of two surgeons who saved her life.

Her inspirational courage has attracted widespread support from her friends and the cycling communities in the UK and in Majorca. Moved by Ottilie’s story, the chief executive of residential developer London Square, Adam Lawrence, has rallied the entire West London-based company behind her, taking on the role of main sponsor and providing a donation to pay for the costs of the ride, encouraging staff to do their own fundraising, organizing transport and inspiring two of the London Square team, Daren Nathan and James Hooper, to cycle with her for part of the course.

Ottilie said: “My target is £20,000. This is my way of saying thank you to the two surgeons who saved my life and to help fund the research that will make a difference to other people like me with kidney disease.”

Sports-mad Ottilie was born with 20% kidney function, has chronic kidney disease and has only one transplanted kidney. She grew up in Luton, played football for Luton Town Ladies and worked as a physio at Luton Town Football Club. When she was 24, she was told that she had six months to have a transplant or face a lifetime of daily dialysis.

In 2007, she had her first kidney transplant, donated by her mum Lesley. After her transplant operation, her surgeon David Cranston, who performed the operation at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford, told her she would have to stop playing football.

Ottilie said: “My Dad bought me a bike and I became hooked on cycling. I watched Laura Kenny and thought she was amazing. That’s how it all started.”

She is currently world cycling champion for the 11th time, and has won six European and 18 British gold medals representing Great Britain at the World Transplant Games. She left Luton in 2015 and now lives in Majorca where she runs a cycle shop and bike tour business in Puerto Pollensa but returns to the UK to see her family and for regular check-ups, with her next annual health check a few days before she starts her cycle ride from Luton to Pollensa.

She said: “I used to joke that one day I would cycle home rather than fly. Now I am going to ride my own grand tour to try to say thank you to the two incredible surgeons who saved me. If it weren’t for the legends David Cranston in Oxford and Tim O’Brien at Guy’s in London, at best I would be hooked up to dialysis machine three or four times a week and probably leading a very sedentary life. At worst, maybe brown bread – dead. No thank you!

“This will support the charities UCARE and The Urology Foundation who fund research for treatment such as the operations I had in 2013 and 2020 to remove cancerous tumors, caused by the immunosuppressant drugs I need to take to stop my kidneys rejecting.”

She added: “I also want to prove that if you look after your health and well being, you can accomplish insurmountable goals. My fitness has played a vital part in my recovery.”

Surgeon David Cranston commented: “To have a cancer in a normal kidney is unfortunate but to have one in a transplanted kidney twice and come back from that to do what Ottie is doing is truly amazing and unique in my experience. ,

Val Berry, of UCARE (Urology Cancer Research and Education), said: “Ottilie’s grand tour is fantastic support for our charity – raising awareness, spreading the word about the work we do in supporting cancer patients and their families, but also raising much needed funds to enable us to continue the fight against cancer.”

Serena Wyman, of The Urology Foundation, said: “Never has the phrase “ going the extra mile” been more apt. Ottilie’s story is amazing, as is her drive and ambition in creating this ride to spread the word about urology health and to raise money for two charities working in the field.”

Adam Lawrence, Chief Executive, London Square, added: “Ottilie is an inspiration to us all and we hope our support will help her to achieve her ambition to ride home to help others with kidney disease.”

Ottilie will set off on the London Square OQ Vuelta A Casa Cycle Challenge on 10thJune from Luton, with a team of three friends, and joined along the way by supporters such as London Square’s Daren Nathan and James Hooper. She aims to arrive in Puerto Pollensa on 2nd July.

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