Louisville offers rebates for electric lawn care equipment

Memorial Day is here, and as summer approaches, Louisville has an extra incentive for residents to ditch gas-guzzling mowers and other lawn care equipment and go green.

The Louisville Metro Air Pollution Control District offers rebates for people who buy lawn care products that don’t use gasoline through its Lawn Care for Cleaner Air program, which was founded 19 years ago to curtail the use of gas-powered lawn equipment.

Rebates are offered for items like electric mowers, leaf blowers and other products that are cleaner than devices that burn gasoline, with additional money offered for trade-ins. The rebate amounts vary depending on the equipment, but they could reach $100 if a gas lawnmower is being replaced.

Louisville is home to more than 71,000 mowable acres of land, according to the city’s Air Pollution Control District, and gas-powered lawn care equipment used to maintain that land produces about 20.5 million pounds of air pollution each year.

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