Mary Beauchamp Celebrates the Success of Her Book Radical Health Makeover: The Science and Spirituality of Self Healing

Mary Beauchamp’s book, Radical Health Makeover: The Science and Spirituality of Self Healing, achieves international best-selling status in many countries.

Mary Beauchamp, Registered Nurse, renowned ketogenic diet coach, and gut healing specialist, has become an international bestselling author. Her book, Radical Health Makeover: The Science and Spirituality of Self Healinghas reached best selling status in the US, Canada, and Mexico for a total of 40 Best Selling Categories, with two of them ranking at number one.

“I am thrilled that my book Radical Health Makeover: The Science and Spirituality of Self Healing has become a bestseller,” says the author. “I was inspired to write this book after 25 years of helping people reverse chronic illnesses by changing the way they think and what they eat because improving one’s health requires looking at what you eat — as well as what is “eating” you” (emotionally ). Through this book, I wanted to provide the world with a simple roadmap to address the root cause of illnesses.”

Mary explains what has changed in the last 100 years to cause us to forget who we really are as humans and offers steps to finding our way back. “I wrote this book because I know that what people need to do, first and foremost, before making any dietary changes, is to reprogram their personal belief systems so they can make more informed choices about how to live.”

Mary Beauchamp shares interesting and valuable information in her book. She desires to wake people up from the spell that their disease is their fate and offers proven solutions for creating metabolic health.

She has spent the last two decades researching how beliefs, emotions, and habits contribute to symptoms. This book reveals the steps people can take to give themselves a radical health makeover through leveraging the power of their thoughts and feelings to activate their immune system. She believes everyone can move forward with a great sense of purpose once they learn to live in alignment with their inner truth.

This book results from many years of Mary’s intensive research, clinical practice, and personal coaching experience. It offers a formula for self-discovery, allowing people to unlock their body’s innate intelligence to heal and thrive by leveraging the mind’s power.

Mary says, “Live each day in integrity with your inner truth and continually get back on track when you are led astray. People must learn how to thrive. It involves living each day in a healthy, strong body with a smile on their face and love in their heart.”

Mary has revealed that she is planning another book. It will be titled ‘Radical Health Companion: Dietary Protocols For Self Healing.’

Radical Health Makeover: The Science and Spirituality of Self Healing is available on Amazon now.

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Mary Beauchamp is a registered nurse, author, ketogenic diet specialist, and certified GAPS practitioner (Gut and Psychology Syndrome). She has been helping people get keto-adapted since 1994. She is a firm believer in the KETO diet for reversing co-morbidities and believes that people can achieve incredible results if they follow the diet correctly. Her mission is to make people aware and conscious of the connection between their mind and body so they can heal themselves physically, emotionally, and spiritually and live deeply meaningful, integrated, and empowered lives.

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