Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Every Main Character’s Personality

With the final installment of season 11 of The Walking Dead Set to be released this fall, fans are eager to see what awaits their favorite characters at the end of the story.

There have been some exceptional and strong characters throughout the 11 seasons this show has aired. However, these particular characters shine through the rest, keeping the audience interested to see what is in store next for them. The most beloved characters, that fans have grown to know so well, have some memes dedicated to them that perfectly represent their personality.


Maggie meme based on the character from the walking dead.

Maggie Rhee has had one of the biggest character developments throughout the series. When the audience first met her, she was still a sheltered girl living on a farm with her family, not yet having experienced the real terror of the world. However, after so much loss and fighting to survive, Maggie became a force to be reckoned with.


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This Pinterest meme perfectly represents Maggie’s character arc. In the past season, fans got to see Maggie finally come to terms with the fact that the world has changed her, forcing her to make hard decisions in order to protect the group.


Meme about Rick Grimes.

While he hasn’t been in the series for a couple of seasons, Rick Grimes will appear in the upcoming movie trilogy focusing on his story since his departure. For the entire series (and before his exit), Rick was the leader of the group. Even when he tried to step back, he always ended up being the one that had to make the decisions when things became more complicated.

Rick always tried to do what was best for the group but he also felt like his point of view was more important than the ones the other survivors had. This meme that was posted on A Collective Mind perfectly sums up his storyline, where he consistently takes the reigns no matter who disagreed.


Meme about Eugene from The Walking Dead.

Eugene is a respected member of the group, but he wasn’t always a valued member of the group. When he was introduced, he was lying to Rosita and Abraham about knowing how to stop the virus outbreak that started the apocalypse.

This Pinterest meme represents the shady beginnings of Eugene’s story. He lied and told his protectors that they wouldn’t understand what he knew even if he explained it, or just told them they couldn’t have that valuable information. Even now in the series, the characters and audience alike often have trouble understanding exactly what he’s saying.


An image of Aaron and Rick talking in The Walking Dead

Aaron was the person to introduce the main group to Alexandria, but his efforts to persuade them to trust him were not easily done. After so much hardship and a run-in with some cannibals, it took Aaron’s honesty and kind heart to win Rick over.

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This meme represents Aaron’s ability to convince people he’s good and wants the best for people. While he’s had to make hard decisions, like all of the survivors, it’s clear he is still capable of kindness and judging people’s merits.


Meme about Carol in The Walking Dead.

While Carol still has a lot to resolve before the end of the final season, she is still a fan favorite that the audience consistently roots for. When Carol was first introduced, she was a lot quieter and often kept to herself. However, as time went on, Carol was seen to grow more confident.

However, there are a few occasions where Carol does often revert back to being reserved (usually in moments where she wants to pull the sheep’s wool over those she doesn’t yet trust). Therefore, when the opportunity arrives, she can then show her dangerous and lethal side. That’s why this meme perfectly represents both sides of Carol.


Michonne has one of the best character growths in the series, going from a woman wandering around alone, struggling to survive, to a heroic leader, determined to do everything in her power to keep her group safe.

This meme represents how much it means to Michonne to be a fighter. She was pretty far gone when she stumbled upon Andrea fighting to survive after Hershel’s farm was overrun. It was her willpower and her determination that led her to Rick’s group and the family she created from there.


Meme about Daryl from The Walking Dead.

Daryl has had many enemies over the years, but fans could always count on him coming out victorious. One thing the audience can always on is Daryl turning the tables and doing the unexpectedly awesome thing to keep his group safe.

This Pinterest meme proves how much of a survivor Daryl Dixon is. He is one of the only people left from the original season, staying alive even after dozens of his group have fallen. The audience is on the edge of their seats each time he is in danger, but it’s clear at this point the showrunners have little intention of letting him die.


Meme about Judith from The Walking Dead.

Judith Grimes has been around for several seasons, but for much of her screen time, she was an infant that was only there as a symbol of hope for the future. When the show jumps ahead several years following her father’s disappearance, she is a young girl with a fiery personality.

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This meme perfectly represents how fans felt seeing her for the first time, capable of fighting and helping other people. Though she is still so young, it’s clear Judith Grimes is going to be a strong fighter as she grows and shows signs of being a great leader for the future world.


Meme about Negan from the Walking Dead.

Negan has had one of the most exceptional storylines in the series. While he is still known as one of the most fearsome villains, his years in captivity have changed him into a man changed. Now, the audience gets to see Negan’s sarcastic and thoughtful personality shine as a protagonist.

This Pinterest meme is a perfect representation of Negan’s personality. While he is no longer a villain, his sarcastic wit and comedic relief still shine through. He is the character that says the perfect thing that keeps things light, even when he’s saying it during the most difficult times.

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