Miseries mount for A’s and their fans at Baseball’s Last Dive Bar

Baseball’s Last Dive Bar was rockin’, roastin’ and chillin’ Thursday afternoon.

There’s no coin-op pool table with warped cues, but otherwise, the old place lives up to its nickname.

Like any great dive bar, the Oakland Coliseum has cold beer, a sporting event for folks to watch if they have a mind to do so, and moments of joy and hope playing out under a cloud of sadness and memories of better days.

I had a day off from work and I met a couple pals at the old yard on 66th to catch the Oakland Athletics. We got good seats, 22 rows up between home and the visitors’ dugout.

Baseball weather. Warm but not scorching. Typical Oakland summer weather, the kind that makes you think this city would be a great home for a big-league franchise.

If only there was a spot in the Town that was easily accessible by public transportation and by car, and had plenty of parking. Oh well.

As in any good dive bar, you have your regulars. In the row in front of us sat a woman, by herself, who said she’s been coming to A’s games regularly for 40 years. And why wouldn’t she? Management treats her like a queen, other than taking away her season-ticket-holder free parking, upping the price of her seat from $30 a game last year to $65, and fielding the worst team in Major League Baseball, with the 29th-lowest payroll.

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