New pilot scheme set to see in “complete overhaul” of Irish nightlife – News

The Irish government is set to introduce a brand new pilot program this summer — with aims to reinvigorate the country’s nightlife sector

Cultural institutions and venues will be used as sites for live music, DJ sets, dance showcases and other arts and entertainment-based activities.

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These include cultural locations such as the National Concert Hall and Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA).

Some of the pilot programs have already begun with the IMMA launching ‘IMMA Nights’ which are running until mid-September. These take place every Thursday and Friday and include dance, live music, showcases and DJ sets at the venue.

Meanwhile, the National Concert Hall is developing a new festival focused on electronic music and the visual arts, the festival will be located on the NCH campus itself.

Additionally, the Crawford Gallery in Cork will be given later opening hours and night tours.

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Another element of the pilot program includes the appointment of six ‘night advisors’ who will be spread across six towns over the summer.

They will be conducting pilot programs and will then report back to Arts Minister Catherine Martin.

As stated by Irish Mirror, Minister Martin said: “The establishment of nighttime advisors in the six pilot towns and cities will be a significant step towards securing a vibrant and importantly a more sustainable nighttime culture for all our citizens.

“The selection of these pilot towns and cities is a vital stage in this process and I would like to thank the CCMA (County and City Managers’ Association) and the local authorities for their leadership and support for this process.”

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Additionally, work is being done by Department of Justice minister Helen McEntee, who is looking into reforming the drinking laws in the country.

The reformation of drinking laws could also see the abolition of Special Exemption Orders (SEOs) – which is something venues need to apply for every time they want to sell alcohol and operate outside of their allocated hours.

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Clubs could even see opening hours extended to 6:AM, a drastic change from the current 2:30AM cap placed upon them.

This is what campaign groups, such as Electronic Music Council, have been fighting for in Ireland. NATMAC, a DJ and Vice-Chair of Electronic Music Council, said to Mixmag: “In Ireland, our licensing laws are fucked. We have a 2:30AM cap on nightlife and have to pay ridiculous fees for staying open late and for dancing licenses.

“It impacts our organic community and allows for more illegal activity to thrive. So we end up in a negative cycle where the council won’t support because of the bad name.”

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Earlier this year, Arts Minister Catherine Martin also proposed a Basic Income for the Arts project — providing people working in creative industries with a weekly stipend.

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