Nic Cage Owns One Of The Eleanor Shelbys… It’s Pretty Awesome

“Eleanor” is a customized 1971 Ford Mustang Sportsroof that was featured in the famous film Gone in 60 seconds. The Ford Mustang is a series of Ford American automobiles that have been in continuous production since 1964. Add this to the list of what fans don’t know about the Eleanor Mustang.

The Mustang is currently the longest-produced car under the Ford name. The Eleanor Shelby was used for the infamous Nicolas Cage film. There were two 1971 Mustangs used in the 1974 film, and one used in the remake, in 2000. There are many ways that Nic Cage’s version of the Shelby is worse than the original.

Let’s find out some more details about the Eleanor Shelby that Nic Cage now owns…

Gone in 60 seconds

This movie featured Oscar winners Nicolas Cage, Angelina Jolie, and Robert Duvall. This is the story of a retired car thief who has to steal 50 cars in one night in order to save himself, and his brother, from an evil crime boss.

Each of the cars took the names of women, which were rare and valuable. the one that was the most impressive in the films was the 1967 Shelby GT 500, also known as “Eleanor.”

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1967 Shelby GT500

For 1967, the GT 500 was added to the lineup, complete with a FE Series 428 cu in V8 engine. The FE Series engine is a Ford V8 engine used in vehicles sold in North America between 1958-1976. The FE was introduced in order to take the place of the Ford Y-block engine.

There were documented plans to introduce a convertible during the middle of the production year, but these were put on the back burner due to financial problems that occurred as the first cars started to arrive at the Shelby’s Los Angeles facility in September.

However, in the 1967 model year, the 0100 was built, the first GT 500. The only GT 500 convertible was also built, with the number of 0139.

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Other Cars In The Film

The remake of the original film used three main cars in most of the scenes. Nicolas Cage not only drove the GT 500, but also two other hot rods that were crucial in the making of the film. One of the three main cars he used in the movie sold at a Mecum Auction for one million dollars, and the other two earned roughly $200,000 and $100,000 a few years before.


Fusion Motor Company in California has the right to now make a new version of the 1967 Mustang classic. These cars are built with original parts, and incorporate some high-tech features into the old-style vehicle.

The body used is the original 1967 model that Feldman and his staff found in fields and barns and other random places. The suspension and chassis were updated at a local shop in Los Angeles, where the wiring, welding, engine, and transmission were all upgraded.


Reportedly the car used in filming the car-chase scenes in the city, this car earned $216,700 back in 2009. In comparison, the top-end 1967 Shelbys were selling for $200,000 at the same time.

The car went under the hammer at the auction in Kissimmee, Florida in January, 2020.


Only one of 11 models were ever made for the production of the film. The vehicle has a gray body with black stripes, five-speed manual transmission, a hydraulic clutch, and a retro-modeled look.

It just has 90 miles on the odometer, after only been driven during certain scenes in the movie. Those at Mecum who are looking after the auction think that it will possibly get a six-figure bid without any issues.

And they are right. It is currently estimated for between $500-$600,000 on their website. It is featured in various interior and exterior film scenes from the various City and River chase scenes in Gone in 60 Seconds.

There was a recent restoration by Cinema Vehicle Services since the completion of the film. That includes aluminum heads, a roller camshaft, headers, and stainless side-exit exhaust, aluminum radiator with electric fan, 5-speed manual transmission, and a hydraulic clutch.

Overall take

Overall, Nicolas Cage owning one of the Eleanor Shelbys is not surprising. After all, he drove one in the film. The classic style, the timeless look, the overall value of the vehicle, and the popularity gained from the Gone in 60 seconds film makes this a great car to have in your car collection.

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