“Nicholas Latifi with a lifetime supply of Red Bull”- Carlos Sainz rues being stuck behind Williams driver which cost him his maiden Grand Prix win

Carlos Sainz had a Monaco GP win in his sights on Sunday, but being stuck behind a lapped Nicholas Latifi took it away from him.

Sainz has been in F1 since 2015 but is yet to win a race. For the first few years of his career, he drove a car that wasn’t capable of challenging up front. However, over the last few years, he’s driven competitive cars that have seen him earn plenty of podium finishes.

This year is his best chance to win his maiden F1 race. He’s driving a Ferrari car that is capable of fighting for the Title, and even though the last few weeks have been hard on him performance wise, he remains a quality driver.

Monaco turned out to be a good outing for the Spaniard. He started the race from P2, and for the second year in aa row, stood second on the podium in the principality. However, the 27-year feels that he should have won the race.

After pitting for dry tyres, Sainz got held up by Latifi’s Williams, which got lapped. This cost him valuable seconds on his out-lap, and allowed Sergio Perez to overcut him comfortably.

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Carlos Sainz realizes the cruel aspect of being an F1 driver

F1 is a harsh sport and more often that not, things don’t go the driver’s way. On any other day, Sainz might have not been held up by Latifi, and today would be celebrating his maiden Grand Prix victory. Instead, he had to settle for second place.

On the other hand, the Ferrari team made plenty of mistakes yesterday based on their strategy. Sainz’s teammate Charles Leclerc took the biggest hit, after a goof-up sent him down to P4. Another Williams driver in Alex Albon held the 24-year old up during his in-lap, which cost him about three seconds.

This does not sit right with Ferrari fans, who feel that Albon should be penalized for ignoring multiple blue flags. Sainz however, feels that it’s all a part of the sport.

“I got stuck behind a lapped car (Latifi) on the out-lap,” the Madrid born driver said, “You can understand the frustration. I had to do 12 corners behind the lapped car, which cost me the win. I won’t complain too much. This sport is like that.”

Sainz is now fifth in the Drivers’ Standings with 83 points to his name. Leclerc meanwhile is in second place, nine points behind Max Verstappen.

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