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Father’s day is fast approaching and now is the perfect time to consider a gift for that outdoorsman in your life. We outdoors guys can be a bit tricky to shop for so I thought I would compile a list of gifts that might make your shopping a bit easier. Many of these items won’t be found on the aisle of your favorite outdoor show, but there is still time to order online.

ELECTRIC SMOKER I’ve often said the one outdoor cooking item that I use the most is my electric smoker. For many years I’ve put my Smokin Tex to work. It’s nice to put the meat and wood inside the smoker, set the thermostat and let it cook all night on low temperature. I use mine for everything from smoked sausage to slow smoking large pieces of meat. Several size smokers are available. Check them out online at www.smokintex.com

SEASONINGS AND EVERYTHING FOR THE OUTDOOR COOK My “go to” place for ordering seasonings and cures or just about anything else I need for outdoor cooking is BUTCHER PACKER SUPPLY www.butcher-packer.com. Visit the web site and check out all the different products that make outdoor cooking easier. If you are a home sausage maker, make sure and order a few packets of sausage seasoning or try one of the cures for making ham at home.

“ULTRAMATIC FEEDERS www.ultramaticfeeders.com Absolutely nothing is more frustrating than an unreliable game feeder. For the past couple decades, I’ve depended on my Ultramatic Feeders. Self contained kits are available with feeder motor, attached solar panel, and eleminator that works on centrifugal force to insure raccoons and squirrels do not rob your corn. With “The Remote” you can activate the feeder from your hunting blind.

BORE AIR RIFLES Big bore air rifles are legal in Texas for hunting big game and many newcomers have began learning about shooting and hunting with these power air rifles. Pyramyd Air www.pyramydair.com offers a huge inventory of airguns, both larger bore and smaller calibers and supplies. Pyramyd Air is a ‘one stop shop’ for all your airgun needs.

MECHANICAL FROG Many of you will remember the Mechanical Frog that was widely available twenty years ago. It was a fish catching lure and most bass fishermen had one or more in their tackle box. Inventor Frank Pierce has brought his frog back and the new version is better than ever. You won’t find them on most tackle store shelves but you can order online at www.mechanicallure.com

SCENT GUARDIAN- This patented product by Texas Raised Hunting Products www.trhpoutdoors.com was developed as a scent removal for hunters and after using it three years, I can testify you it does remove scent… all scent! But I’ve found it to have many other uses as well including removing the scent in coolers, boots, just about anything. My wife’s cat once sprayed my hunting pack and I gave it a good spray of Scent Guardian and the wild hogs never smelled me on a hunt later that day. The stuff works, a bottle or two will make a great gift for Father’s Day!~

THERMAL SCOPES Until recently the price of thermal scopes prohibited many from hunting hogs and predators at night using this awesome technology. Several months ago, Paul Tyson (www.gearthehunt.com) introduced me to AGM GLOBAL VISION (www.agmglobalvision.com) , a company that I learned makes quality, affordable thermal scopes and thermal spotters. Now, for around one thousand dollars, thermal scopes are available that are more than adequate for shooting hogs at night over feeders. Of course, more advanced units are available for a higher price point. Tyson is extremely knowledgeable in thermal hog hunting and not only sells these scopes but is available to help the newcomer get set up.

SNAP LOCK HUNTING BLINDS These sturdy hunting blinds come as an easy to assemble kit and snap together. They keep the hunter dry and keep you out of the wind in the winter. I have packed several back into remote spots in the woods and still hunt from the first one I bought eight years ago. They come in two sizes, 4 ft. by 4 ft. and 4 ft. by 6 ft. To learn more, Google Snap Lock Hunting Blinds or visit www.snaplockhuntingblinds.com.

RAIN GEAR You don’t need rain gear when out fishing until you need it when out fishing and then you REALLY NEED IT! Years ago, I started packing a lightweight rain suite by Frogg Toggs on fishing trips and now I don’t have to ever endure fishing in soggy pants and shirt after a summer downpour. The company offers many rain suits to choose from. Check them out at www.froggtoggs.com.

Items such as center fire rifles and compound bows make excellent gifts of course but rather than go out and buy ‘a gun’ or ‘a bow’, it’s best to do a bit of detective work and learn exactly what the Dad you are shopping for needs/wants . A hunter doesn’t want just a ‘deer rifle’. He has specific actions and calibers in mind that best suits his style of shooting/hunting. For instance, a 30/30 would not be the choice of a hunters heading out west for long range shots at big game nor would a heavy magnum caliber be the choice of a person that is sensitive to recoil. Likewise with hunting bows, bows come in different draw weights and draw lengths. It’s very important for a qualified bow technician to measure the shooter in order to set the bow up properly. So, rather than purchasing a specific rifle or bow, it might be a better idea to consult with a salesman at a particular archery shop or gun store about price and give a gift card or certificate for purchase. This way, the hunter on your list will be insured of getting the rifle/bow that best fits his needs.

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