Over 100 cyclists came together to pledge for ‘I Let My Liver Live’ | Mumbai News

COVID-19 affected the lives of all of us and to a certain extent affected our lifestyles too. Sedentary lifestyles, coupled with factors that affected the mental health of people led to lifestyle and eating disorders causing multiple complications in health and a rise in lifestyle diseases. Over 33 per cent of the population in our own country suffers from fatty liver. According to Clinical Liver Disease, a multimedia review journal published in January 2022 states that liver cirrhosis and its complications with chronic liver diseases (CLDs) have been the major cause of mortality in India. On account of the rising number of patients being affected due to fatty liver and diseases related to liver, Global Hospital Parel joined hands with 100+ cyclists for a campaign ‘I Let My Liver Live’.
Speaking on the campaign, Dr Gaurav Chaubal, Director – Liver, Pancreas, Intestine Transplant Program and HPB Surgery said, “COVID-19 has given a new perspective to the entire medical fraternity. We have realized with the progression in our lifestyles and adoption of western lifestyles, we have experienced cultural transitions and this has affected our entire ecosystem and our livelihood patterns. Junk food, work from home and added stress in our lives have been the major causes of mental illnesses and premature deaths. One out of every three citizens in the country has some liver disease. To highlight the necessity of fighting liver diseases, we organized this cycling rally to promote ‘I Let My Liver Live Campaign.
Dr Arti Pawaria-Senior Consultant and Clinical Lead- Pediatric Hepatology & Liver Transplant said , “India has always been a farmer’s land, and with the unfortunate emerging trends of diseases, it has become absolute important for us as a society to return back to our roots, that is simple lifestyle. In chasing luxury and comfort we somewhere forgot that we human beings still belong to the land of the soil and our changed lifestyle and eating habits has exposed us to so many severe diseases. . India is a country of young people, 35 per cent of our population is the less than 35 years of age. But today sadly, 9-32 per cent of the general population in India is suffering from fatty liver. Today, on World Cycle Day, we at Global Hospital have decided to take that opportunity to raise awareness about fatty liver disease and how we may prevent it by simply riding, one of our childhood pleasures. port of our movement to raise awareness, my heart was filled with joy. Cycling and strength exercise on a regular basis can fully protect adults from developing fatty liver disease.”
To support the campaign, life size teddy bear also participated to raise awareness about a life-threatening condition that few people know anything about. But he also wants to help people more broadly make health changes, and he’s willing to use his own story to help and showcase benefits of adopting healthy habits.


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