Prehistoric Planet Is Apple TV’s Updated Version Of Walking With Dinosaurs

Prehistoric Planet has just recently been released on Apple TV and is already receiving praise for its CGI and storytelling. This nature documentary series follows a day in the life of dinosaurs as they try to survive during the Crustaceous period. Before it came along, and even before Jurassic Park was released, there was an earlier series that furthered the popularity of these giant reptiles, Walking with Dinosaurs,

Those who were children in the 1990s would likely still remember the hugely popular series, Walking with Dinosaurs, This series used the latest CGI technology of the time to give audiences a look into how dinosaurs may have lived their lives on earth 66 million years ago. The series was such a hit that it helped usher in a new genre of documentary series that is still popular to this day. In 2022, Apple TV has followed up with its own version of this series, Prehistoric Planet, This series is different from its predecessor because it uses today’s technological advancements and updated scientific findings to tell a modern story about how dinosaurs lived. The CGI is so good that it goes toe-to-toe with the adult animation anthology, Love, Death + Robotswhich is at the forefront of today’s CGI and animation.

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Prehistoric Planet comes out 32 years after Walking with Dinosaurs, which tried to portray the dinosaurs as scientists saw them at the time. There have since been many scientific discoveries that have changed the way that people think about dinosaurs. Prehistoric Planet uses the latest findings to tell its story, “…right now we could point to everything we’re doing and none of it is done for flash. None of it is done for spectacle. This is all set in the science,” said Jon Favreau in a press conference. Favreau is the show’s executive producer and is also the showrunner and creator of the popular Star Wars series, The Mandalorian,

Prehistoric Planet not only features the most popular dinosaurs, such as T. rexes and velociraptors, but also some obscure ones like the Beelzebufo. This may sound like an off-brand version of Beetlejuice, but it is, in fact, a species of giant frog that is commonly known as a devil toad. Of course, this wouldn’t be a nature documentary without the likes of David Attenborough, who narrates the series. It also follows the same format as one, with Attenborough following the various escapades of the dinosaurs as they mate, fight, hunt, and play. The series has seen such popularity that it even received a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

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Walking with Dinosaurs is considered one of the biggest scientific documentary series, and it still remains the most-watched scientific series in British television history. This series was released three years before the cult-classic Jurassic Park, with both of them often being referred to as some of the most influential depictions of dinosaurs in the media. Walking with Dinosaurs, in particular, was praised for portraying the dinosaurs as animals and not as monsters by the scientific community. It was so influential that it even spawned a new generation of documentaries that used CGI and narration as seen in nature documentary series.

Prehistoric Planet follows in the series’ footsteps, but in a way that reaches larger audiences, and not just children, by changing the narration style and updating the CGI. These are welcome changes, but its success couldn’t have been possible without building on the legacy previously established by Walking with Dinosaurs,

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