Quincy College men’s basketball team a quality stop for 5 sophomores

QUINCY – When Doug Scott founded the Quincy College men’s basketball program four years ago, he understood that being overlooked came along with the brand of junior college athletics.

Within the team’s first season of existence in 2018, though, a 22-2 record helped the Granite resist that underdog feeling. Zoom out a bit, and Scott was well aware of what challenges JUCO programs like his would face in the big-picture realm of athletic recruiting.

“I think it has a stigma that we get bad students and that is not the case at all. We get really good students,” said Scott, a Quincy High alum whose 2022 team had an average 3.3 GPA. “It just gives guys an extra year to learn, to grow that maybe aren’t as ready to go to that four-year (school), living away from home. And the financial part of it is huge.”

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