Ravens Tight End Mark Andrews Has a Support Team Watching His Blood Sugar

The highs differ. I can usually smell the high, which is a weird thing to say [laughs], It’s like ammonia or something similar to that. After that, it’s just the feeling of being lethargic.

Being a Type 1 diabetic, there are a lot of things that are involved. Every day isnt the same, but the more I have a routine with what I’m eating and drinking, the better. I know how many carbs, how much sugar is in each food, the amount of protein that I’m getting, and I know the way that it is going to affect my body. I’m able to manage that and give myself insulin before that to a very precise level. It also helps my body. I know when my body feels strong and healthy, usually my diabetes is better, too.

What’s a typical breakfast, lunch and dinner look like for you?

First, I start the day with a Rockin’ Protein. I’ll have a banana, some eggs and some oatmeal. That’s my morning routine. Usually, I’ll go to a workout, and I’ll have another Rockin’ Protein. Obviously, I spend a lot of calories, do a lot of things throughout the day and I’m a pretty big person that needs a lot of protein. My lunch is usually a bit lighter. I’ll have some rice, chicken, and some fruit before we go to practice. After practice, it’s another Rockin’ Protein. For dinner, I try and stay clean but it’s definitely my biggest meal because I have to replace what I’ve lost. My go-to is rice, salmon, or chicken. A salad, preferably, especially if I had fruit earlier. Before I go to bed, I’m having another Rockin’ Protein.

With all the data you have from a performance perspective, has been there a food you had to eliminate because of how it made you feel?

I’ve noticed that I do better eating salmon, chicken, and turkey. I think I’m a little slower if I’m eating red meat and I have a game the next day. I don’t think I’m as fast or twitchy if I don’t eat a bit cleaner. I think red meat does weigh me down and that’s me being super picky and hyper-focused on my body. But I don’t have too many things that affect me like that.

What is a game day ritual you have to do to make sure you’re comfortable when you step on the field?

I’m somewhat of a superstitious person. I wake up and my main thing is my mental. I try to keep my mental right. I try and think about the right things and to try and do the right things. I thank God for putting me in the situation that I am. To get to play this beautiful sport for a living and be able to have my last name on the back of a jersey is an incredible thing. There’s so much that I’m able to play for, so many people that I’m able to play for. There’s an entire diabetes community that I’m able to carry with me. On game days, I’m able to think about that but also do the right things when I keep my numbers in check. When it’s game day, that’s my job. I have a duty to play myself at the highest level and to show people they can do it with Type 1 diabetes also. I’m very aware of what’s going on with my body and I’m super locked in on those days.

What is your central message to those with diabetes?

If you just gotten diagnosed and you’re struggling, just know that you’re not alone, which is most important. There are other people that are going through the same thing that you’re going through. It’s going to be a change and there are things in your life that are going to be different, and you might be a little different than someone else, but that’s OK Just keep on going, keep on fighting each and every day. Don’t lose that fight or hunger.

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