Remember Us Urban Scouts supports Linden teens

There’s a lot of wasted talent on the streets of Linden, says Miguel “Geno” Tucker, executive director of Remember Us Urban Scouts. “They pay CEOs millions for a skill set these kids in urban communities naturally possess,” he says. “These kids have to think critically and solve problems every day to stay alive.”

Tucker knows all about life in the streets of Linden from first-hand experience. A self-described street hustler, tragic events in his family helped him change direction, reassess his future and create the Linden-based nonprofit in 2019. Remember Us Urban Scouts offers entrepreneurial, employment and educational life skills to help teens break the cycle of poverty and change their family and community for the better.

Rough start

Tucker, 33, says he grew up “doing what I needed to do to survive … I was young and wild.”

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