Road Work + Game Night+ The Ins and Outs Of Container Gardening

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Here are the top stories in Avon-Avon Lake today:

  1. More road work! This is a reminder that there is road work being done by Avon Lake Regional Water. Electric Blvd. between Fay Ave. and Herrmann Dr. will be closed to thru traffic for sanitary sewer and water line work during this entire week. Please plan accordingly and give yourself time to find another route.” (Avon Lake Regional Water via Facebook)
  2. The Love-A-Stray Dog Division Non-Profit Rescue is asking local residents to please support Love-A-Stray and participate in Game Night, this Thursday, June 23rd from 6-8:30 pm at Klingshirn Winery in Avon Lake. There will be raffle prizes, Bingo, games and great prizes. Play Bingo for a $20 donation for 12 bingo cards; additional cards are available for $2 each. Purchase during the event at the Love-A-Stray table! Vendor Game Night is played like regular Bingo . , , but the winners of each game will receive a wonderful gift donated by one of the vendors in attendance as their prize! Each vendor will also have a table set up with their merchandise available for sale. Hope to see you there!” (Love-A-Stray Dog Division Non-Profit Rescue via Facebook)
  3. Learn the ins and out of container gardening from the professionals. According to a article, container gardening can be beautiful by planting in smaller quantities in pots of varying sizes. Mark Hopka, the store manager at Petitti’s Garden Center in Avon, freely offered up his advice which began with sunshine. “Know what kind of sun (your pots) will get. Once you know that it guides you to what kind of plants to go with,” said Hopla according to the article. In choosing a combination of plants for containers, Hopka said you should choose a variety of heights and regarding soil choices, Hopka recommends all-purpose potting mix. He noted, though, “it is very important you feed a container recommending a slow-release fertilizer that will release nutrients every time you water your pots. (

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Today in Avon-Avon Lake:

From my notebook:

  • Avon Lake Neighborhood: “Immediate job openings! Weekly pay, pay rates range based on job and experience. Some with OT, some felony friendly, some no THC drug test. It is all case by case, we ask that you call us directly to discuss. Thank you call or text us at 440-617-6727.” (Facebook)
  • Cleveland Clinic: “Learn about this powerful antioxidant that you can also take as a supplement. Check out our story.” (Cleveland Clinic via Instagram)
  • Nextdoor Neighbor, Titus Hill: “I have a few electrical openings this week. – Please reach out!” (Nextdoor)

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