Rowing Set For Exciting 2022 Season

PHILADELPHIA — The Temple women’s rowing team opens the 2022 racing season on March 12 with a scrimmage at Rutgers. After almost seven months of racing and training the Owls are excited to see what the spring has in store for them. With high goals and expectations, the Temple team is gaining confidence going into the spring season.

“We have a very competitive racing schedule this season,” said head coach Rebecca Grzybowski, “It’s really exciting for us to be able to test our speed against teams that have competed at the highest levels. We are racing teams that have gone to the NCAA’s and with teams that are very strong historically, and to have some of them be in our own conference is great too.”

Temple’s recruiting efforts have resulted in top-level student-athletes for several years now, but the current Owls’ freshmen class is one of their best. Their speed and energy are pushing the team to reach new heights.

“The whole team has truly been great, and it’s been fun to see the freshmen really step up this year,” said Grzybowski. “They’re a little bit of a smaller group in terms of a class size but they’ve been very impactful, and they’ve been really committed to growth, and it’s been contagious. People are watching and seeing how they’re making progress and they have been inspiring to the older women on the team. I do expect some breakout seasons from the freshmen, and they are definitely in contention for all of our NCAA boats. It’s going to be fun to just watch their progress and see them gain a lot of confidence. Seeing how their energy is really impacting the rest of the squad is fun!”

In order to better translate erg speeds to the water, Temple changed some of its training plan this year, focusing on a metric-based approach. This metric-based approach will let Temple know how fast they need to go in practice in order to be competitive in the spring.

“Everyone is on the same page with effort this year and the dots are starting to connect between not just the effort but the results by showing up every day and hitting the splits you need to hit,” said Grzybowski. “We’ve taken a little bit more of a kind of metric-based approach this year and the team has really responded to that. We set team goals in the erg room, and it’s been fun to check them off and celebrate them as we go. It feels like a really cool collective team effort this year mentally and training-wise.”

Leadership Group

The leadership group — seniors Aarohi Patel and Morgan Simpsonjuniors Maddie Hillis and Emma Berryand sophomore Giselle Kiriacos will lead Temple’s squad this season.

“We restructured our leadership within the team this year,” said Grzybowski. “Maddie is the captain and she’s got some great leadership around her that’s supporting her in specific areas. Collectively they’re all doing a really great job of navigating the emotional, physical, and academic challenges and they’ve done a really fantastic job and deserve a lot of credit!”

The Owls have chosen Patel and Simpson to be the unity leads. They look over of the welfare of the team by keeping everyone together and harmonious.

“I’m so excited to get back to a full full intensity racing schedule,” said Patel. “We haven’t had a normal race schedule for two years and I’m really excited to race other schools outside of Philly. As a senior on the team, it’s really exciting to watch the majority of the team experience their first real collegiate level spring season. It’s exciting to watch everyone and see how eager the team is to race. The commitment this year has been incredible, and it overall feels special. I’m just really excited to see how the spring season plays out.”

“We have implemented a lot of new changes in how we train this year,” said Simpson. “We’re training more split base now during steady state and using sliders more in the erg room. I’m just really excited to see how our new approach to training is going show on the water and how much faster we are going to be “

The Owls selected Kiriacos to be the athletic lead. Kiriacos has the responsibility of making sure the team is hitting athletic goals. She helps keep the team prepared for the athletic side of practice.

“I would say this year feels a lot more cohesive, especially with our goals”, said Kiriacos. “People silently put in the work, and everyone works hard. I have noticed a collective positive attitude from everyone.”

Berry is the team’s organizational lead. She oversees the team structure by making sure people are where they need to be and keeps everyone in the loop.

“This year we have the opportunity to race against highly competitive programs”, said Berry. “Racing ranked teams will be a great opportunity for us to get insight on where we are. We are looking to be consistent across the board so that we can be more confident towards the end of the season.”

The Owls selected Hillis to be the team captain. Hillis overarches the leadership group.

“We are all on board with what we’ve been asked to do in regard to our performance this year,” said Hillis. “Our main goal this year is to win a conference championship and to get there we need to reach little goals along the way. I see people putting in the effort on their own and just being really willing to work a little bit harder to reach the goals, so that’s been really good and exciting to watch.”

Spring Season

Temple’s fall tune-up season was short but successful, as new Owls hit the water for the first time and the veterans got to sharpen their skills. Three head racing events, including the famed Head of the Charles Regatta, were competed at, with the team grabbing two medals and a host of top 10 finishes.

Now, after a long winter of training indoors, the Owls are back on the water and ready to test their new speeds against a national-caliber schedule. Temple will be on the Schuylkill for just three races this season, but the Owls have found top competition up and down the coast.

Temple kicks off the season on Saturday, March 12 with a scrimmage against Rutgers in New Brunswick, NJ

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