Sergio Camacho helps shape Maryvale kids’ lives through karate

Being the target of bullying and rarely being able to defend himself as a kid encouraged Sergio Camacho to enroll in a karate school in his native Aguascalientes, Mexico.

And what at first was born out of necessity turned into the beginning of a long career in martial arts — his way of life.

“After (learning karate) nobody messed with me anymore, they respected me, and martial arts became my passion throughout my life,” Camacho told La Voz/The Arizona Republic.

As a teenager, Camacho migrated to the US and his love for the discipline only grew, motivating him to pursue the highest rank he could in different martial arts.

“I came to the United States with nothing. Everything I have done has been thanks to God and my effort. I arrived alone like any immigrant in search of a better life and thanks to the amnesty I was able to fix my papers,” Camacho said. “By 2000, I became an American citizen.”

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