Shailene Woodley Has Eaten Ants: ‘That Was Great’

Shailene Woodley certainly has an adventurous approach to her health and wellness routine. Years before wellness and self-care became buzzwords, Woodley was doing things like oil pulling and using beats as a lipstick replacement. Woodley also has a love for agriculture and all things food. She admits that if she wasn’t an actor, she’d likely be pursuing something in the culinary sphere. Woodley isnt afraid to incorporate atypical foods into her diet. The Divergent alum has eaten everything from clay to ants and other insects.

Shailene Woodley | Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Shailene Woodley is passionate about food, herbalism, and nutrition

Woodley has been passionate about agriculture and environmental sustainability since high school. That led her to an interest in herbalism and nutrition. She cares deeply about how her food choices will affect the environment and her overall health. Because The Fallout The actor is well-traveled, she has also embraced foods that are less common in the western world.

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