Should be bigger than it is

The announcement of the NFL’s preseason schedule — dates, times, oh my! — is even more pointless. Fake games are fake games, no matter when they occur or where they are played.

What deserves your increased attention?

What should be heavily featured within ESPN’s morning TV rotation, instead of OTA coverage, more OTA breaking news and even more fluffy NFL hype three months away from the start of the regular season?

The most underrated sport in America: College baseball.

Add in the fact that No. 5 Texas A&M is hosting an upcoming Super Regional and No. 9 Texas is facing East Carolina in another, and early June on the sports calendar should be dominated by two items: The NBA Finals and some of the most exciting, well-played baseball that you can watch all year.

Texas is also in the Women’s College World Series finals, after rallying for a thrilling 6-5 victory over Oklahoma State on Monday. College softball also deserves more national eyeballs.

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