Someone Is Building A Dodge Charger SRT Ghoul

They don’t call it Street and Racing Technology for nothing. Ever since dodges rolled out its SRT brand as high-octane extensions of high-performance models from Challengers to Chargers, the automaker’s reputation for building next-gen muscle cars skyrocketed. Pundits have declared the likes of the Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye and—an SUV, no less—the Durango SRT Hellcat among the best models of their type ever built. But the announcement of the SRT Ghoul shifted everyone’s attention into overdrive, until more astute followers pointed out the whole game was nothing more than an April Fool’s Day joke. However, undeterred, one entering YouTuber claims he’s building a Ghoul for real, and on Sunday, debuted a video to demonstrate how he plans to do it.

Swapping out a 300 engine for a 426

The Dearborn, Michigan-based dude calls himself Khal, recalled the fib about the muscle car, which featured a Charger body with an Allison transmission and a 1,000-horsepower Hellephant Hemi engine. He’s got a few inventory items for his build already, including several seats for the cabin and one honkin’ 300 motor, although he seems to have plans to swap it out in favor of a 426.

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“I was gonna pull the motor out of this,” said Khal, behind the wheel of his Chrysler 300. “I was gonna go order me a Redeye Charger and then swap the engines out, and then basically that’s all it really is.” Aside from needing a hoist, Khal believes that’s all you need to bring an April Fool’s Day joke to life.

Weird Dog Looking Thing Badge

He’s also looking for someone to create variations of the Ghoul logo to place on the car’s exterior, in his dashboard as part of its digital readouts and the interior’s upholstery. “It’s like this weird dog-looking thing,” noted Khal. “The dash over here, they have like this small badge, and it says like Hellcat or SRT or something, so I was going to replace that and have it custom-made.”

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Khal then opens the hood to reveal the Chrysler 300 engine, which he states is one of the hardest engines around to find. “You will never find another one of these, and if you do, they’re probably asking a ridiculous amount of money.” He believes he could net $10,000 if he sold the 300 as is.

If You Build It, They Will Drive

Although he has a number of other parts for the build, Khal is still blue-skying over the possibilities.

“This is something that I’m really serious about,” he said. “I really want to do it and I think I’ll do really good on content because no one’s ever built a Ghoul. You know, this thing it doesn’t even exist, so I think if we actually do it we’ll make videos about it and I think he’ll be a banger again.”

Source: Khal SRT

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