South Milwaukee garden tour neighbors create wild, artsy vistas

Paul Malek calls Lois Schreiter’s garden a grandma garden.

Schreiter says Malek’s spaces are artsy.

The descriptions these neighbors have for each other are meant in the best way. They love to garden together.

“I think grandma gardens are beautiful,” said Malek. “They are like a big mystery. It’s the kind of space where you have 48 kids coming over to the berry patch and there are a lot of little knickknacks. I remember my grandma had a garden like that. Lois makes wonderful decorations with plates, and all kinds of things. … She also lets nature do its thing. She has planted so many daffodil bulbs. In spring, they are phenomenal. She also moves things around. She changes it up.”

“Paul is kind of an artist,” said Schreiter. “He likes certain colors and styles. He is a perfectionist, much more than I am, and his yard is very artsy.”

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