Spring 2022: Celebrate the Change in Season With These Amazing Gardening Video Games

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One of the best ways to celebrate spring from the comfort of your own home is by downloading and playing gardening video games.

These fun games are perfect for those who want to feel the change in the season but do not want to go outside and soak up the sun.

Below are high-quality gardening video games that you can play on PC, console, and mobile.

Strange Horticulture

“Strange Horticulture” is an indie game launched in early 2022. The game lets you run an eerie plant shop.

You can achieve one of the multiple endings by identifying plants, giving the visitors the right items, and encountering the occult while you’re busy at work.

It has a witchy aesthetic, and you can go around to investigate all of the hidden secrets. This delightful game is well-received by critics, according to Wired.

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Stardew Valley

“Stardew Valley” is probably one of the most famous games on the list. It uses a nostalgic, pixel artwork style and begins with the inheritance of a family farm, according to Screenrant.

You can choose between plots of land with environmental distinctions like the forest farm, riverland farm, and beach farm.

When playing this game, you can explore mines and hang out with the nearby villagers. You can also grow numerous crops on the land.

If you are a new player, you may want to prioritize gardening in the game so you can learn useful strategies that will help you later in the game.

Farming Simulator 22

“Farming Simulator 22” is a well-executed representation of rural industry. It is an ideal game for those who like business management sims and massive vehicle replicas, according to The Gamer.

The career mode has different levels of difficulty, from “New Farmer,” where you start with land, equipment, and a profitable economy, to “Start from Scratch,” where existing bank issues and a tepid economy are stacked against you.

Run your own farm as you see fit and harvest your crops, wheat, soybeans, barley potatoes, olives and more.


“Prune’s” artwork is inspired by Japanese ink-washing paintings. You can guide your saplings to the sunlight by cutting off all excess branches and navigating around red balls.

You can win this game by getting enough flowers to blossom.

The Sims 4

“The Sims 4” is an incredible game to play for a bit of escape from reality. It has splendid gardening mechanics in the base game.

If you have ever fantasized about owning a nice house with a beautiful backyard for gardening, you can play “The Sims 4.”


“Viridi” emanates good vibes. This cozy game about caring for succulent plants is relaxing and fun.

You can choose your starting pot and succulents, then sit back as they slowly develop, ensuring that the right amount of water is doled out.

There is even an adorable snail that hangs out with you, traveling around the lip of the pot. The laidback soundtrack adds to the mood of the game.

Although “Viridi” is free to play, the extra downloadable content is available on Steam for only $7.

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