Steve Tandy Scores Double Peugeot Win At Red Bull Ring

Race One

Steve Tandy took a comfortable win in the first of two Masters Endurance Legends races at the Red Bull Ring after his Peugeot 90X was embroiled in an entertaining lead fight with Keith Frieser’s Zytek 09S for the first half of the race, the Briton and the Canadian switching places several times. However, when Frieser dropped the ball on his in-lap preceding his mandatory stop, Tandy was left alone out in front to win by 56 seconds.

Marco Werner in the P2-class-winning Lola-Lotus B12/80 inherited second after Frieser’s spin, but the Canadian in the Zytek fought back valiantly to reclaim his spot two laps from the end. Another stellar recovery drive was produced by Christophe d’Ansembourg, who dropped to dead last on lap 2 but charged all the way up to snatch a fighting fourth place.

Rick Carlino and Aaron Scott prevailed in the P3 class, their ORECA LMPC10 finishing fifth overall to beat the Ligier JSP3-15s of Stephan Joebstl/Andy Willis and Ron Maydon. Putting himself in between the P3 class runners, Timo Scheibner bagged a dominant GT class win by taking sixth overall in his Aston Martin Vantage V12 GT3. In ninth and tenth overall respectively, Jason Wright (Ferrari 458 GT3) and Bob Blain (Aston Martin DBR9 GT1) netted the two remaining steps on the GT podium.

The sun was out in full force for the first of two Masters Endurance Legends races on the day, as Steve Tandy led away from Frieser, d’Ansembourg, Werner, and Scheibner in the leading GT car, as poleman Michel Frey’s Lola B07/18 dramatically was forced to pull off on the green-flag lap. Sadly, the Steve Brooks/Martin O’Connell Lola B12/60 and Matteo Marateotto’s Lola B06/10 were withdrawals before the start of the race.

Within three laps, Tandy’s Peugeot 90X was up three seconds on Frieser in the Zytek 09S, but d’Ansembourg had disappeared from third place, the Lola-Aston Martin DBR1/2 dropping down to last place. This moved Werner up to third, followed by Schneibner’s incredibly quick Vantage V12, while Rick Carlino led Ron Maydon and Stephan Joebstl in the P3 race, the ORECA LMPC10 and the two Ligier JSP3-15s running fifth, sixth and seventh, ahead of Jason Wright’s Ferrari 458 GT3, Alexander Lienau’s Vantage V12 and Gianluca Candiani in the Lucchini SR2. Nick Padmore in Scooter Gabel’s BMW M3 GTR soon saw d’Ansembourg fly back while Mike Furness continued his troublesome weekend with a long pitstop that saw him emerge dead last, two laps down on the leader. The Courage was soon back in the pits, though.

On lap 6, however, the lead changed hands to Frieser, as Tandy had dropped the ball and was now trailing the Canadian by eight seconds. The two had left Werner behind by eight seconds, while Scheibner circulated in fourth, 44 seconds behind his countryman in the Lola-Lotus LMP2 car.

On the brink of the pit window, Frieser led by four seconds but was now matching Tandy’s lap times, with Werner a further 12 seconds behind the Peugeot, the German being the first to pit, followed in by Carlino (with Aaron Scott waiting for him ), Joebstl (who would hand over to Andy Willis) and Bob Blain in the Aston Martin DBR9 GT1 car. All this helped the recovering d’Ansembourg up to fifth place but the Belgian was in on the next lap, while the rest continued for one more time – or two times.

The three leading GT cars of Scheibner, Wright and Lienau all came in on lap 14, joined by Candiani, while the two cars in front – still out there – switched places going into lap 15, Tandy now back into the lead. The end of the pit window approaching, Frieser bailed out on lap 15, followed by Tandy on lap 16 – which was the final opportunity to do so. Meanwhile, Maydon had done his stop on lap 15 with Nick Padmore handing over to Scooter Gabel on the next lap.

After the pitstops had panned out, Tandy remained in the lead but a spin by Frieser on his in-lap had helped Werner up into second place – and with that spin, the lead fight had gone up into thin air. Tandy now led Werner by a comfortable 50 seconds, with Frieser down to third, 16 seconds behind the German. D’Ansembourg had continued his fightback and was up into fourth, at the cost of Scheibner, who still led the GT class with ease. Scott was sixth and at the top of the P3 class battle, 17 seconds away from Maydon, and 27 from Willis. Wright was ninth and second in GTs, with Candiani rounding out the top ten. Further back, Blain had passed Lienau for third place in the GT class.

As the clock ticked away towards the end, Tandy silently swooshed to a win by a minute, but it wasn’t over Werner’s P2-class-winning Lola-Lotus B12/80, as Frieser did enough to pip the German on the penultimate lap and reclaim second. D’Ansembourg finished a distant fourth, while Aaron Scott in the ORECA LMPC10 moved ahead of GT winner Timo Scheibner’s Vantage V12 to take fifth overall and the P3 class win for himself and Rick Carlino. Behind Scheibner, and a lap down, the Ligier JSP3-15s of Joebstl/Willis and Maydon took second and third in P3, with Jason Wright’s 458 GT3 coming home second in the GT class, with Bob Blain’s DBR9 completing the top ten and taking third in the GTs.

Race 2

After producing a faultless drive in his Peugeot 90X, Steve Tandy made it two from two at the Red Bull Ring by storming to his second Masters Endurance Legends win of the day. In the opening half of the race, the winner was kept honest by Keith Frieser never losing sight of the Peugeot, but after the stops, the Canadian in the Zytek 09S had to let Tandy slip away to a 25-second lead at the finish.

Marco Werner had a lonely race on his way to a lapped third overall, while again taking P2 class honors in his Lola-Lotus B12/80. With another comeback drive, Christophe d’Ansembourg salvaged fourth in his Lola-Aston Martin DBR1/2 but losing pace towards the end meant that the Belgian had to put his hopes for a podium aside.

More double winners were celebrated in the P3 and GT classes, as Rick Carlino and Aaron Scott doubled up in P3 in their ORECA LMPC10 while Timo Scheibner bagged another GT class win in his Aston Martin Vantage V12 GT3. Carlino/Scott and Scheibner took fifth and sixth overall ahead of Stephan Joebstl/Andy Willis (taking second in P3 in their Ligier JSP3-15) and Jason Wright (taking second in the GT class in his Ferrari 458 GT3). Alexander Lienau in another Vantage V12 was ninth overall and third in GTs while Ron Maydon and his one-off teammate Mike Furness rounded out the top ten in another Ligier JSP3-15 to take third in P3.

In the final Masters race of the Austrian Historic weekend, Tandy stormed away from pole to lead Frieser by 1.4 seconds after the opening lap, with Werner in third, some five seconds down, while Carlino moved up a place on Scheibner. Joebstl passed Wright for sixth, while d’Ansembourg had another recovery drive to do from the back. After their first-race mishaps, Gianluca Candiani, Scooter Gabel and Michel Frey were non-starters in their Lucchini SR2, BMW M3 GTR and Lola B07/18 respectively, while Bob Blain’s Aston Martin DBR9 also failed to appear.

After four laps, Frieser’s Zytek 09S wasn’t letting Tandy’s Peugeot 90X out of sight, the Canadian was still only two seconds down on the French diesel machine. Werner trailed the leader by 11 seconds, with Carlino’s ORECA LMPC10 fighting Scheibner’s GT-class-leading Aston Martin Vantage V12 GT3 for fourth overall. D’Ansembourg had charged back up to sixth, having passed Wright’s Ferrari 458 GT3 and Joebstl’s Ligier JSP3-15, the latter hounded by Alexander Lienau in another Vantage V12. Ron Maydon had joined forces with Mike Furness, as Furness had given up on his own Courage LC75 to still get some mileage under his belt after a disappointing weekend. The last-minute change did mean that Maydon had to start from the pitlane.

On lap 8, Tandy led Frieser by 2.5 seconds, the Canadian hanging on with everything in his power, with Werner now 16 seconds down in the leading P2 machine. D’Ansembourg was up into fourth but looked at a 32-second gap to the Lola-Lotus B12/80 in front, while Scheibner had moved back ahead of Carlino for fifth.

The pit window was coming up within two more laps, but the entire field declined on their first opportunity. On lap 11, though, Werner was the first to come in, followed by Joebstl, who would hand over to Andy Willis. Meanwhile, Tandy put the hammer down with the fastest lap of the race to inch back out to a lead of 2.1 seconds, Frieser having cut it to 1.4 seconds over the last few laps. Next up in the pits, was Maydon making way for Mike Furness, who was looking ahead to his first miles in a Ligier JSP3-15.

On lap 14, the two leaders and GT class leader Scheibner still stayed out there but d’Ansembourg, Carlino (handing over to Aaron Scott), Wright and Lienau were in. It was Scheibner’s turn on the next lap, but the Peugeot and the Zytek waited until lap 16 for their stops. Meanwhile, d’Ansembourg’s searing pace had put him to within 12 seconds from Werner in third.

After the stops had panned out, Tandy had put more distance between himself and Frieser’s Zytek as the gap was now up to nine seconds. Werner in third trailed by 53 seconds and saw d’Ansembourg closer at the rate of one second per lap. The gap was now down to ten seconds. Scheibner maintained his GT class lead, 21 seconds ahead of Wright, while Andy Willis had moved ahead of Aaron Scott for the P3 class lead. Lienau and Furness made up the rest of the top-ten.

With ten minutes remaining, it was obvious that Tandy was able to stick to his first-stint pace while Frieser was dropping tenths here and there to see the Peugeot disappear from sight. On lap 20, as Tandy further improved on his fastest lap of the race with a 1.24.6, the gap had increased to 15 seconds. Werner, meanwhile, had picked up the pace to match d’Ansembourg’s lap times before increasing his lead over the Belgian to 12 seconds. Behind Scheibner, though, Scott was back up into sixth, reclaiming the P3 class lead from Willis who now came under threat from Wright. On lap 21, the Italian-American was passed into seventh but on lap 22, Willis took the place back. This would probably go on until they reached the finish line.

Five more minutes were left on the clock, and Tandy continued to add space with regards to his pursuers, the Peugeot now leading by 20 seconds. Further back, Scott got the ORECA up into fifth, passing Scheibner on lap 24. From here to the finish after 27 laps, Tandy had an easy run to the flag, heading home Frieser by 25 seconds, with Werner and d’Ansembourg coming home a lapped third and fourth. In an ailing Lola-Aston Martin DBR1/2, the Belgian had dropped 20 more seconds on Werner but had enough in hand on P3 class winners Rick Carlino and Aaron Scott. Timo Scheibner doubled up on his GT class win by taking sixth overall ahead of the Joebstl/Willis Ligier JSP3-15. Wright and Lienau completed the GT podium in eighth and ninth while Ron Maydon and Mike Furness took third in P3.

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