Summer blooming shrubs ideal for Greater Cincinnati landscapes

During the past several weeks we have enjoyed the colorful show created by all the spring flowering shrubs. Everyone enjoys these spring blooms because they truly lift our spirits, delivering spring fever after our long, cold winters.

If nature is a colorful show, it has three acts. Act one is the spring with all the flowering trees, shrubs, and spring flowers. The second act would be the summer. Summer is filled with all the colorful annuals, perennials, and summer-flowering shrubs. The third act is the fall. The fall color comes from the changing foliage colors, late-blooming perennials, and fall annuals.

A well-planned landscape should have a selection of shrubs and perennials so there is something blooming in every season, but summer-flowering shrubs are often overlooked. Most people do their plant shopping in the spring. They buy what they see flowering when they are shopping. Then two weeks later whatever they bought finishes blooming and it’s done until next spring.

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