Tai chi studio teaches meditation in motion

The first time Gary Harris saw someone practice tai chi at a Chinese New Year celebration in the Case Western Reserve University student union, he was mesmerized.

Harris had trained in judo since he was in elementary school and so was very familiar with grappling and short, intense spurts of energy, but tai chi was different.

“He was so fluid, so in control of his body, so graceful and it looked so easy, even though it’s not,” Harris, a Stow resident, said. “This was pure movement and control. I thought it was beautiful, and I thought I’d like to learn that.”

That was over 40 years ago, and now Harris is the owner and operator of the Center for Body-Mind Harmony, a Cuyahoga Falls health center specializing in tai chi (also spelled taiji) and traditional Chinese martial arts that he inherited from his teacher, David Schenk.

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