The 10 Best Dance TV Shows Ever, According To Ranker

The world of dance is a captivating art form that viewers cannot tear their eyes away from. Between popular shows like Dancing With The Stars and even Disney Channel’s Shake It Upany and all ages can enjoy this moving and exciting form of entertainment.

From hip-hop to ballet to even salsa, dancing is a versatile, yet universal language that can bond even the most different of people. Though there are quite a few television shows surrounding the dance world, there are several that rank better than others in terms of views and popularity, according to Ranker,

Note: Ranker lists are live and continue to accrue votes, so some rankings may have changed after this publishing.


10 Hit The Floor (2013-2018)

Hit The Floor poster with main characters striking a pose on bleachers

The BET show follows the lives of the LA Devils’ dancers and their messy and dramatic lives. The show incorporates drama, romance, and loads of exciting entertainment.

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Though the show isn’t solely about dance, it does feature what commonly goes on behind the scenes of a drama-filled team dynamic, as well as killer dance sequences and routines, too. Viewers love this show because it offers a unique perspective on the lives of older dancers and the shocking adult content that comes with it.

9 Shake It Up (2010-2013)

Shake It Up poster with Zendaya and Bella Thorne dancing and striking a pose

The Disney Channel show stars Zendaya and Bella Thorne as they navigate school, friendship, and most importantly, their dancing careers on a local performance television show. Knowing the two actresses rose to fame pretty quickly after the show, it’s no wonder why this show was so successful on the network at the time.

The kids’ show offers unique dance routines, a catchy soundtrack, and quirky dialogue in classic Disney Channel fashion. To this day, Disney lovers discuss the show’s impact and how it launched the two main characters into stardom.

8 Bunheads (2012-2013)

Bunheads poster with the ballerinas stretching and posing

The ABC Family original show centers around the lives of ballet dancers. A wholesome show that presents both comedy and occasional drama, this short-lived show was an underrated classic, according to fans.

The family show features not only insight into the lives of the dancers, but their moving and heartfelt dance routines, as well. If this show didn’t make viewers want to get up and take on ballet, nothing could!

7 Dancing With The Stars (2005-Present)

Dancing With The Stars poster with a couple dancing and posing on stage

This show offers a fun twist on newbies learning how to dance by inviting various celebrities to be on the show. Though some would argue that some recent format changes ruined the show, it’s still arguably one of the most popular, and longest-running, dance competition shows.

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With the unique dynamic of professional dancers teaching inexperienced celebrities the art of various dance methods, viewers were instantly hooked. Fans agree that tuning in every year is a highlight, to not only see what celebrities are chosen but to watch them gradually progress into amazing dancers by the end.

6 Bring It! (2014-2018)

Bring It coach and dancers posing with hands on hips

This reality TV show has it all – drama, the fiercest of dance moves, but most importantly heart. The show follows The Dancing Dolls as they train for upcoming competitions, with Coach D always bringing the heat.

Though she can be tough on the girls when necessary, their success always comes to fruition. Seeing the coach’s relationship with her team inspires fans and warms their hearts at the same time, and the hip-hop routines are pretty cool, too.

5 So You Think You Can Dance (2005-Present)

So You Think You Can Dance poster with dancer sillouhettes posing

Going 17 seasons strong, this dance competition is among the most successful, with every year being more entertaining than the previous. The show always features a wide range of talent, from a ballroom dancing couple to a breakdancing group.

The competition is so versatile that the audience never knows what to expect and they are always blown away by the talent. Additionally, the show keeps a fresh and updated panel of judges so there’s always an exciting twist.

4 World Of Dance (2017-2020)

World Of Dance judges posing together

The dancing competition show is hosted by experienced judge Jennifer Lopez, professional dancer Derek Hough, and hit recording artist Ne-Yo. Not only does the winner earn the distinguished title of “Best in the World,” but they also win the grand prize of one million dollars.

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With such high stakes, one could imagine just how talented these dance teams have to be, and the talent is indeed astounding. From the costumes to the stunts to the attitude, these contestants without a doubt come ready to compete and dominate.

3 Dance Moms (2011-2019)

Dance Moms' dancer daughters dancing and posing

Although Dance Moms was supposed to be a documentary-style special about the moms of kid dancers, it quickly evolved into something much bigger. The moms definitely do play a part in the drama against the dance teacher, but the way some of the extremely young dancers crack under pressure and/or rise above challenges is entertaining, but can also be quite sad.

Though it’s seen as quite a controversial show due to Abby Lee Miller and her borderline verbally abusive tendencies, viewers couldn’t, and still can’t, look away from the drama. However, the show produced some of the biggest stars today, like Maddie Ziegler and JoJo Siwa.

2 The Next Step (2013-2019)

The Next Step cast posing together

Many things take place at this dance studio, and it’s not all dancing. As the A-Troupe group trains for upcoming competitions, some relationships and friendships are put to the test, as putting a bunch of teens in a room can certainly get complicated.

This family-friendly drama features a lot of fun dancing numbers, ranging from casual battles on the beach to more orchestrated choreography in the dance studio. Many fans still show love for this underrated classic to this day, due to its ability to balance real life and dancing, which means excitement around every corner.

1 Dance Academy (2010-2013)

Dance Academy cast posing by lockers

Much like The Next Step, Dance Academy is a slightly more serious drama that also features a good bit of dancing. The show focuses on a student named Tara, who gets accepted into the top dancing academy and tries to navigate life from there.

It’s pretty evident by now that viewers at home love any show that provides both dancing and conflict, of which this show has both. Though the show only lasted a few years, the impact it had on fans lasted much longer.

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