The 10 Worst Netflix Series, According to Rotten Tomatoes

Netflix was one of the earliest streaming services to create its own content. In the beginning, most shows always went for more than one season. Very, very rarely have shows been canceled after a single season or a few episodes. However, this has not made Netflix impervious to some bad programming.

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Netflix’s output for content is through the roof nowadays. This leaves a greater margin for error, and some not-so-great shows have squeezed through the cracks. Gone are the guaranteed future seasons and the shows have to really live up to scrutiny just like any other streaming service or network. For each show like Stranger Things, bridgertonor Ozark there are unfortunately some duds amongst the group.

10 Marseille Could Not Capitalize On The House Of Cards Craze (33%)

marseille, Netflix’s first French-language original production, is a political drama that follows mayor Robert Taro as he gets into a war within his own political party with his former protégé turned rival. The show lasted two seasons before Netflix pulled the plug on it.

Critics panned the show for its writing and unbelievable plot. marseille seemed to be Netflix trying to capitalize on the extremely popular House of Cards, as political dramas were all the craze at the time. With an audience score of 68%, it appears that audiences agreed with critics on certain aspects of the show, though not all of them.

9 Friends From College Wastes Its Cast (24%)

Friends From College Boasted an impressive cast, including Cobie Smulders, Keegan Michael-Key, and Fred Savage. The show was about friends who all graduated from Harvard trying to navigate their 40s together. It was canceled after 16 episodes.

Most critics agreed that the impressive cast could not cover up Friends from College‘s flaws. Critics described it as “hit or miss” especially citing a lack of cohesive storytelling. Friends from College wasted its great acting ensemble and was largely underwhelming for most critics and viewers.

8 Sexy Beasts Can Be Boring (23%)

A reality dating series, Sexy Beasts matches up two people on a date but has them wear heavy animal prosthetics so they can get to know each other without seeing what they truly look like. It was originally a British reality game show in 2014 before being revived by Netflix in 2021.

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Both critics and audiences loathed Sexy Beasts, calling the entire process boring and the makeup unnecessary. It was also generally agreed that the dates were shallow and boring. There is no word if Netflix will be renewing the series for a third season, but perhaps they should look at reviews from nearly everyone to help facilitate the decision.

7 Sex/Life Lacked Substance Outside Sex (22%)

Sex/Life burst onto the scene in 2021, starring Sarah Shahi as a housewife going through a midlife crisis and opting to indulge in fantasies of her past. A love triangle of sorts forms between her husband and an ex-boyfriend of hers. It has been renewed for a second season.

One thing that was generally agreed on was Sex/Life‘s lack of substance outside its steamy sex scenes. The show did go viral for a scene, which took place in a shower, that had fans debating whether it was real or not. Sex/Life certainly gives truth to the old saying: sex sells.

6 Between Suffered From Bad Acting (22%)

A lesser-known show on Netflix, Between takes place in the small town of Pretty Lake, where its residents are threatened by a virus that wipes out everyone older than 22. Between had two seasons on Netflix, and while it was not outright canceled, there has been no progress since season two was released in June 2016.

Critics said that the show leaned too hard into post-apocalyptic clichés and suffered from bad acting within its ensemble. One critic put it harshly: “What is it that the adults of Pretty Lake are dying from? It’s not excitement, that’s for sure.”

5 Hard Cell Has Too Much Going On (20%)

Released in April 2022, Hard Cell is about Laura Willis, the governor of a woman’s prison. It follows her and several inmates at the prison in Essex, and is shown mockumentary-style. Catherine Tate created the show, and also plays five different roles.

While audiences seem to be enjoying Hard Cell more than critics (it has an 88% audience score), critics have noted that Tate playing a chunk of the show’s characters is a lot for viewers to take in. It has also been noted that the show is dated by its humor. Tate does not quite reach the heights of her critical darling The Catherine Tate Show,

4 Disjointed Couldn’t Break Netflix’s Multi-Cam Misses (19%)

Disjointed starred Kathy Bates as Ruth Whitefeather Feldman, a woman who runs her own cannabis dispensary in Los Angeles with the help of her son and other friends. The show only lasted one season, released in two parts between 2017 and 2018, before it was canceled.

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Critics Disjointed to be bland, with an over-reliance on clichés about marijuana. The show was created and produced by Chuck Lorre, who generally has a good record when it comes to sitcoms. Unfortunately, Netflix has had a lot of misses in the multi-cam sitcom field.

3 Hoops Was Just Downright Offensive (14%)

Hoops is an animated adult sitcom that follows a foul-mouthed basketball coach Ben Hopkins (voiced by Jake Johnson) who tries to turn around a terrible high school basketball team. The show only lasted for one season before being canceled by Netflix in December 2020.

Hoops was given overwhelmingly negative reviews for its crude and vulgar humour. Rotten Tomatoes’ consensus described the show as: “crude, rude and aimless, Hoops‘ first season throws nothing but bricks.” Audiences did not seem fond of the show either, as it only has a 52% audience score.

2 Insatiable Got Flack Before It Even Was Released (11%)

Insatiable follows Patty Bladell, an overweight teenager who is constantly bullied about her weight. After going on an all-liquid diet, she becomes thin and goes for revenge against her bullies. The show lasted two seasons before being canceled by Netflix.

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Insatiable garnered criticism before its release for being fat-phobic and fat-shaming in its plot. Star Debby Ryan used a fat suit for her character when overweight, which was also targeted for criticism. When released, much of that criticism was warranted, as the show featured blatant stereotypes not only against obese people but several other groups as well.

1 Real Rob Hits Rock Bottom (0%)

Standing with a shocking (or not that shocking) 0% on Rotten Tomatoes, Real Rob was an absolute critical dud. Rob Schneider plays himself in a fictionalized version of his everyday life in Hollywood. His real-life wife Patricia Schneider also stars as his wife in the show. Surprisingly, Real Rob made it two seasons before being canceled by Netflix.

Citing its unfunny satire and meta elements, most critics found it to be a bad version of shows like Curb Your Enthusiasm and Episodes, The show was also criticized for its stereotypes against Mexican people and disabled people. Real Rob surprisingly has an 82% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes, which was probably its saving grace to earn a second season.

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