The Best Finishers In Injustice 2, Ranked

NetherRealm Studios is at the top of its game regarding violent, fun fighting games. Mortal Kombat is flashy and brutal; Meanwhile, Injustice takes out the gore while maintaining the extreme violence. With a wide range of characters in the base game and its DLC, Injustice 2 pushed the envelope for superhero violence.

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One thing the studio does a marvelous job on is the theatrical attacks that each character can perform. In Mortal Kombat, it ranges from fatalities to X-Rays. Injustice, and its sequel, have these super finisher moves that are devastating to the people getting hit while being jaw-dropping in the spectacle for the players.


10 Green Lantern

Green Lantern is one creative guy. With the power of his ring, he can conjure up just about anything to fight any threat that comes his way. That is why he goes all out when you execute his ultimate attack.

Slowly, he pieces together a giant mech to obliterate his foe. When a piece, like the legs, gets summoned, he smashes the opponent until his masterpiece is complete. Upon its creation, he shoots rockets to blow up his target into dust. It is both satisfying and peak usage of the character’s powers.

9 brainiac

The campaign of Injustice 2 sets Brainiac as its big bad. The iconic villain not only caused so much trouble by pinning so many characters against one another throughout the story, but he can be independent when stepping into the ring to fight any hero or other supervillains.

His finisher starts with a combo of a tentacle grab that leads to a punch. When dazed, the other fighter gets surrounded by Brainiac’s robots. They pin the person into place with their tentacles while they await the Skull Ship’s arrival. The ship looms overhead and unleashes a blast to cause a devastating explosion.

8 Darkseid

Darkseid is another Justice League-level threat. While being a powerful being, the ruler of Apokolips always keeps his cool by standing straight with his hands behind his back. That confidence leads to how impressive and destructive the nature of his power move is.

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With his back turned toward whoever he is fighting, Darkseid shoots out a laser to take his enemy into space. On this journey, they crash into a few satellites before being caught by the New God’s hand that brings them back to the arena.

7 hellboy

Send DC’s iconic heroes and villains straight to Hell with Hellboy, a DLC character who is one of several crossover fighters featured in Injustice 2. When activating this cinematic attack, you get to take a trip out of the superhero universe and into a world of fire and agony.

A crater opens the door for Hellboy to tackle his foe into Hell. While pummeling them in the face, the two will eventually land on the floor, which looks excruciatingly hot. Once here, winged creatures attack the victim, and the red cambion grabs an ax to finish the job.

6 atrocitus

He may have a little kitty by his side, but Atrocitus is a terrifying and angry antagonist. If you like the slower, heavier characters, then he is perfect for you. Also, if you are a cat person, you may like him even more.

His super move brings people into a new landscape where Atrocitus punches them into a stone. From there, he summons a red bull to charge his prey. While on the ground, the leader of the Red Lantern Corps vomits fire on his victim.

5 Aquaman

People may make fun of Aquaman, and if you have seen the debut season of Peacemaker, you may know about an unflattering rumor about the superhero. That said, when unleashing his super, it makes for one of the bloodiest scenes in the game.

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He kicks things off rather painfully when he skewers his enemy and takes them to the ocean. Then, after a couple of jabs with his trident, a monstrous fish comes up for a bite to eat. Aquaman then finishes things off with another strike to the chest with his weapon.

4 Raiden

It was not a major surprise to see a Mortal Kombat crossover with Injustice 2; throwing back to 2008’s Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe. The game features Sub-Zero and Raiden. For this multiverse, the God of Thunder shows he can embrace the idea of ​​”overkill.”

Zapping his opponent into an arena straight from Mortal Kombat, he blasts them in the air. Using his teleportation, he catches them and flies into the air. That is where things go up a few notches. While in Raiden’s hands, he summons a giant lightning strike and follows that up by releasing the dragon from his game’s logo to pound them into the ground.

3 starfire

While Darkseid took someone to space, Starfire gets more personal for this galactic assault. It is a scene that keeps pushing forward into more violent attacks until it climaxes beautifully.

Starfire shoots her foe into space. While they soar up, she is flying right behind and shooting nonstop to send them further out. Once at an asteroid belt, Koriand’r creates a nuclear-sized explosion that should kill almost anything. It is a visual spectacle while looking at the Earth and the surrounding stars. Even the explosion looks incredible in all of its bright green glory.

2 Supergirl

Supergirl outshines Superman when it comes to her cinematic finisher. While he takes people above the clouds to break every bone in their body, she ensures that she delivers death.

Kara Zor-El carries her enemy into space, even flying them past the sun. Then, when turning around, she laser beams them into an asteroid and back to Earth. Upon landing, fragments of the asteroid hit them for extra damage. In these few seconds, she shows that she is far more ruthless than her cousin.

1 The Flash

Barry Allen has some fun here as he will take anyone he is fighting on an adventure. The fastest man in the world can run to the point of time travel. You might as well use that ability in combat.

Running so quickly, The Flash spins his opponent around. He pulls them through history to slam into the face of a Sphinx and then back even further to hit a Tyrannosaur Rex. When coming back to the present, the victim gets thrown into their past self. That is just insulting.

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