The Coolest Cars We’ve Seen On Street Outlaws

The American reality TV series street outlaws premiered on Discovery Channel in 2013, and it’s currently in season 14 with over 100 episodes aired so far. The show which initially followed Oklahoma City’s Big Chief and his infamous “list,” also includes racers like Daddy Dave, Dominator, Chuck, Kamikaze, and Doc. Although street outlaws is based on street racing, which is illegal in many places, the show itself is legal and real.

The cast drives heavily modified cars with gargantuan engines, mind-boggling acceleration, and insane horsepower figures that some modern-day supercars can only dream of. These are the coolest cars that have been featured on street outlaws.

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9 1963 Chevrolet Nova II “Goliath 2.0”

One of the stars of Street outlaws, Dave “Daddy” Comstock is the owner of a 1963 Chevrolet Nova II dubbed “Goliath 2.0”. Daddy Dave was first known for driving a heavily modified 1996 GMC Sonoma S10 pickup truck, but he later switched to the Goliath 2.0 in a bid to move to the top of the list.

The ’63 Nova II gets its power from a nitrous feed 632cc big block that puts out a staggering 2,000 hp. Daddy Dave’s Goliath 2.0 was built in about 8 months, and it features Brodix block and heads, SRP pistons and a Moser M9 fabricated 9-inch joined with a four-link suspension.

8th 1981 Chevrolet El Camino “The ElCo”

The 1981 Chevrolet El Camino dubbed the “The ElCo” is a fan favorite car that is driven by Chris “Kamikaze” Day. The ElCo was originally owned by Kamikaze’s childhood friend Tyler “Flip” Priddy, who unfortunately passed away and the insane G-body eventually found its way to Chris’ garage, where he spared no expense to make the car what it is today.

Having a 500cc big block, The ElCo is a monster that surprisingly, was built with discarded parts from upgraded cars. The ElCo has suffered from several crashes during the show, but it always gets back on its feet.

7 1972 Camaro Rally Sport

Jerry “Monza” Johnston is one racer that’s not afraid to go for what he loves. Even though the 1975 Chevrolet Monza with nitrous oxide was Jerry’s claim to fame, he says in this interview that he has always loved the 1972 Chevy Camaro Rally Sport with a twin-turbo setup.

Jerry turned a ’72 split-bumper Camaro RS into a street race car, which he says many people thought was a crazy idea. The Camaro Rally Sport is powered by a 572cc engine that makes up to 4,000 horsepower.

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6 1970 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

James “Doc” Love was one of the Street Outlaws racers that wowed fans with his racing prowess throughout his time on the show. James dubbed his Monte Carlo “The Street Beast” because it’s a true beast on the street.

Doc’s first car was a 1977 Monte Carlo, which he actually got from his parents and when he was financially buoyant enough to buy his first car he got a 1972 Monte Carlo, which he modified to make up to 4,500 hp.

5 1984 Oldsmobile Cutlass

Street Outlaws’ John “Baron” Gentry, who made his debut in season five owns a 1984 Oldsmobile Cutlass, which has been modified into a monster, just like John Andrade Jr.’s ’82 Cutlass dubbed “The Cutty”.

Baron’s Cutlass is fitted with a 572cc big block developed by Henson Racing Engines. Midwest Street Cars prepped the 1,250 Dominator carburetor in the ’84 Oldsmobile Cutlass, while the black paint job is the handwork of Baron’s wife.

4 1989 Ford Fox Body Mustang “Death Trap”

Chuck Seitsinger is one of the Street Outlaws veterans, and he owns a 1989 Ford Mustang, which he calls the “Death Trap”. Whether professionally at the Nitrous Express P/4 XBOX Cup Championship or on the street, Chuck has always been at the top of his game. His small-tire ’89 Mustang outran big-tire cars in the OKC.

Under the hood of Chuck’s ’89 Ford Mustang is installed a 429cc small block Chevy SBC engine with twin-turbo. The Fox Body Mustang makes up to 2,000 horses, thanks to the custom-modified drivetrain.

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3 1969 Chevrolet Nova “Murder Nova”

The 1969 Chevrolet Nova also known as the “Murder Nova” on Street Outlaws belongs to Shawn Ellington. It’s equipped with a pair of 88mm Pro Mod turbochargers from Precision. The 572cc engine makes up to 3,400 horsepower with a GM 210 turbo 400 transmission.

Shawn’s Murder Nova works with FuelTech’s FT500 sequential-port fuel-injection system. Even though Shawn has a 1955 Chevy, he gets the adrenaline rush he desires with the 1969 Nova.

2 1972 Pontiac LeMans “The Crow”

Justin “Big Chief” Shearer is one of the oldest members of Street Outlaws and his 1972 Pontiac LeMans dubbed “The Crow” is a very special car. The Crow is actually Big Chief’s first car, which has been with him since he was 16. It’s also his daily driver, and he even went on his first date in the ’72 Pontiac LeMans.

The Crow is powered by a 482cc twin-turbo Pontiac engine and runs on methanol. Since crows are actually black birds, the white paint job raises a lot of eyebrows, but Justin explains that the color has nothing to do with the name of the car.

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1 2010 Chevrolet Camaro “Fireball Camaro”

Street Outlaws’ Ryan Martin is the co-owner of B&R Performance, and he has been instrumental in the success of drivers like Jackie Knox and Freakin’ Rican, so it’s not surprising that he eventually took to the streets in his 2010 Chevrolet Camaro dubbed the “Fireball Camaro.”

Ryan’s fifth-generation Camaro SS not only looks great but feels great and almost on its feet. The heavily modified Camaro SS is fitted with a twin-turbo 572cc Pro Line 481X engine that pushes it to a quarter-mile in less than 10 seconds. Although Ryan’s Fireball Camaro managed to peak at the number 2 spot in the 405, it won Street Outlaws’ No Prep Kings series.

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