The New Rally-Inspired Alpine A110 Tour De Corse 75 Limited Edition Is Awesome

The Alpine division of Renault might be small, but they are one of the most recognizable sports car manufacturers in the world. It was originally founded in June 1955 as its own small company, although it has always held close relations with Renault. Alpine’s most famous car is the A110 that was first produced from 1963 to 1977, and it became a successful rally car as well. Alpine merged with Renault in 1976, and a few years ago they decided to bring back the iconic A110.

In 2017, the new A110 was then launched for the first time, and it was a modern recreation of the fabled 1960s and 1970s classic, with modern styling cues. Over the last few years, Alpine has produced a variety of special editions of the car. And their latest has now hit the roads. It is the Alpine A110 Tour De Corse 75 Rally Icon, inspired by the A110 that competed in the 1975 Tour de Corse. With its iconic design and sporty cockpit, this special car pays homage to one of the most important cars in the history of the A110.

What The A110 Tour de Corse Remembers

The Tour de Corse is one of the most famous rallies in the world. The event was initially inaugurated back in 1956, and soon became a highlight of the rallying calendar. In 1967, the event became part of the French Rally Championship and then just six years later, the event went one step further to become the marquee French round of the World Rally Championship. And in 1975, the event showed just how brutal it was after some 77 crews signed up to take part in the incredible rally.

The event in 1975 was a real car killer. Out of the 77 cars that signed up to the event, only 22 would ultimately go on to finish the event. And out of those 22 were a yellow Alpine A110 and a Lancia Stratos. These two cars battled it out for victory, and before the last time sector, the Alpine was between 5 and 30 seconds behind. Both cars set identical times in that final stage, with the A110, in its stunning livery, losing out to the Lancia by just 32 seconds. It would have been an epic victory for the plucky little French coupe.

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The Specialty Of The A110 Tour de Corse Edition

This new Alpine variant is all about remembering that special car. The Alpine is in the same yellow color across its bodywork as the 1975 car, with deep black across the hood of the car and the roof. White graphics are evident across the car too, which is another design cue from the original 1975 car. And the color scheme shows itself to be yet another one that works a treat on the new A110. The livery is of course lacking the sponsors and the big car numbers that the 1975 A110 had, but that is what you would expect.

This special edition Alpine is actually based on the A110 S version of the car. So under the hood is a 300 hp 1.8-liter turbo engine, and the A110 S is of course the top of the range when it comes to the various A110 variants. If you want to get your hands on one of these, you will have to be fast. Only 150 examples of this car are on the way, and small numbers will are to be ultimately allocated to countries, with the UK set to receive just five of these wonderful looking cars.

The Special A110 Features A Very Sporty Interior

Alpine haven’t just gone to town on the exterior of the car, either. The French company has worked hard to make the interior special too. The Sabelt Racing bucket seats inside are now embroidered with Tour de Corse 75, and there is the option for harnesses to go with the seats should the owner desire. The yellow of the outside is also replicated around the doors too, with the white and black graphics also a part of the interior on the doors too. Some of the other details on the outside include the Tour de Corse 75 signature on the front left fender, with a motif on the doors and a white border on the bonnet. And the number 7 of the original car is subtly stamped on the rear.

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Remembering A Truly Special Alpine

In some ways, this is a very important tribute for Alpine. The little A110 probably shouldn’t have been in the running for the Tour de Corse in 1975 against the Stratos, one of the most fearsome rally cars of its time. But amazingly, the little machine from France took on the challenge with gusto, surviving one of the toughest rally events of all time to come within touching distance of a famous win. And Alpine have produced one of the coolest looking special editions of the A110 to date.

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