The Real BTS: Who is Park Jimin? All about ballet dancer turned honey vocalist

Park Jimin (Park Ji-min) may be the shortest member of BTS, but the 27-year-old has a heart of gold – evident from his posts for fans on Weverse, their fancafe. Over the last few months, fans have noticed that Jimin has started writing messages to fans in simple formal Korean so that international ARMYs can use translation platforms to understand his message – a gesture which shows how much the ‘With You’ singer cares about his fans .

By now, BTS fans are aware that Jimin holds a personal grudge against chairs as he keeps falling off them every time he sits in one, and which has fans rolling on the floor over his clumsiness. Jimin was the last member of BTS to be revealed to fans and made his debut in 2013 with BTS as their main dancer and vocalist. Jimin could possibly be one of the most trained dancer among BTS members because he enrolled in contemporary dance and ballet classes with the aim of making his dreams come true. Jimin was a member of BTS’ dance line, and many are waiting to see which fellow K-pop idol will feature in his future solo collabs.


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Who is Park Jimin?

Jimin was born in Busan like bandmate Jungkook; Debuting at the age of 17, he was one of the three youngest members of BTS. Before making his debut with BTS, Jimin completed his secondary education from Busan High School of Arts as the top student in modern dance. After BTS had made their debut, he and fellow 95-liner V (Kim Taehyung) both pursued their higher education from Korea Arts High School. Over his years with BTS, Jimin has been called by many names including Mochi and Chimchim, but it is a lesser known fact that the singer was going to debut with the stage name Baby J.

Jimin has had a pretty normal journey, but the singer used to initially struggle with his weight and which led him to starve himself. It was Jin who helped him get over his depressive phase, and now the singer is healthy and eats well. Over the years, Jimin has released a few solo songs, starting with his SoundCloud single ‘Promise’ that was released as a gift to fans. Following that, Jimin released three solo singles titled ‘Lie’, ‘Serindipity’ and ‘Filter’ as part of BTS’ albums. It was in 2021 that Jimin made his OST debut for tVN K-drama ‘Our Blues’. Jimin released ‘With You’ in collaboration with his friend and singer Ha Sunghoon.

What to expect from Jimin in the future?

Fans of BTS who have been with the boy group since their rookie years remember that Jimin is friends with famous 95-liner idols like SHINee’s Teamin, EXO’s Kai as well as VIXX’s Ravi, Wanna One’s Sungwon and HOTSHOT’s Timoteo. Years ago, Jimin performed a showdown stage with Taemin for the 2016 KBS Song Festival. The performance got a lot of traction online and fans were hoping for Jimin to make a collab with Taemin as well as EXO’s Kai. With BTS having a lot more time on their hands for solo activities, fans can hope for members of BTS to reunite with their old friends from the K-pop industry starting with Jimin.

During the BTS Festa Dinner that was released on June 15, Jimin told fans that he was working on new songs and fans can expect many solo releases from him in the days to come. Jimin also talked about approaching Jin to collaborate with him for one of his upcoming songs which has fans excited as the duo has never released a song together. One of Jimin’s upcoming singles will be produced by Suga of BTS, which has fans joking about the two getting along because they usually bicker a lot during BTS’ variety show episodes for ‘Run BTS’.


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