These 10 Classic Cars Would Make For Legendary Modern Revivals

Every year, new models are introduced into the automobile business. Some are successful while others are not. However, every now and then, the market is graced with a vehicle that garners a cult-like fan base. The car’s identity badge becomes inextricably linked to its history. Reviving such a moniker seems like a no-brainer. Whether it’s a rip-off, tribute, nostalgia-filled homage, an official reincarnation, or a proper vintage restomod, we’d love to see these classic cars get one more shot on the modern roads. Look at what Dodge did by bringing back the Challenger; it went on to become one of the most popular and powerful muscle cars in automotive history. The history of the automobile is rich and full of fascinating innovations and automobiles that should be heartily treasured with fondness.

In reality, many automakers share the same sentiment, occasionally reintroducing vintage models for new generations. They are continually attempting to reimagine a favorite car for the modern era. We do not really care if they’re resurrected and rebuilt as hybrid vehicles from the ground up, or if they’re restored with new EV rechargeable batteries. We are already eager for the revival of the Lexus LFA and Toyota MR2 in EV forms. Our fantasy collection of deceased vehicles includes the Porsche 944, Honda S2000, and Dodge Viper among others. Here are some of our favorite vintage automobiles that we believe deserve to get revived as legendary Modern Revivals.

10 Jaguar E Type

The 1960s Jaguar E-Type is a classic sports car stalwart, once dubbed “the most beautiful car ever produced” by Enzo Ferrari. It had a 3.8L XK inline-6 ‚Äč‚Äčengine that put out 265 horsepower and 283 pound-feet of torque, which was impressive for the time.

The E-Type’s top speed of 150 mph helped propel it to fame, and the vehicle never failed to astound users and journalists alike throughout its multi-generational life, receiving countless accolades as one of the most flawlessly constructed automobiles of all time.

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9 Ferrari F40

The F40 is more than just the greatest Ferrari of all time, as most surveys around the world have concluded. It’s Enzo Ferrari’s last car, the last expression of the “Old Man’s” beliefs, developed under his close supervision.

Although admirers all around the world fondly recall the legendary piece of automotive beauty, the F40 had a limited run from 1987 to 1992 and never saw an official rebirth. Many ardent F40 enthusiasts have attempted to duplicate this marvel, and the results are stunning.

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8th Mitsubishi Lancer Evo

Thanks to its immense influence on tuner culture and the world of Rally, any reasonable individual can predict that the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution will become a future collectible. Although many people were disappointed to see the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution disappear, those who were fortunate enough to own one realized the potential of a Mitsubishi sports vehicle.

Just imagine the hype if Mitsubishi Motors’ next vehicle to arrive in America was a rebirth of the Lancer Evolution, especially after Subaru dropped the WRX STI.

7 Lamborghini Miura

The Miura, often dubbed “the sexiest car ever made,” debuted in 1966 as a sleek mid-engine speedster meant to compete with Ferrari. It’s also possibly the most gorgeous automobile ever built. Lamborghini doesn’t usually do nameplate revivals, so this would be an enormous shock. However, if the brand revived the Countach, then the Miura’s comeback would arguably cause even more hype.

This automobile was revolutionary, and it established the standard for supercars for many years to come. As well as creating distinct styles. Its V12 engine established the groundwork for the Countach, Diablo, and Murcielago, and the uproar it provoked taught the company that a stunning appearance would always win purchasers over.

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6 Shelby Cobra 427

Among all the automotive classics, the Shelby Cobra 427 Roadster is undoubtedly the most well-known and significant. It was one of the fastest cars on the road in 1965, thanks to its all-new chassis and independent suspension.

The 427 was wild, with a 0-60 mph time of 4 seconds flat and tires that would catch fire even with a light tapping of the gas pedal, but that’s what made it famous. If you ask any car aficionado, seeing this legend resurrected would be a dream come true.

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5 Austin Healey 3000

The Austin-Healey 3000 was a classic car from the 1960s, demonstrating once again that great design principles and attractive, curving bodywork were the era’s mainstays. The bulbous British roadster arrived in 1959 and became the last of the “huge Healeys” when manufacturing stopped in 1967.

Still, for now, all we can do now is sit back and wait for the new “Austin-Healey” automobile to return in all its magnificence.

4 Mazda RX-7

For years, fans have been clamoring for the RX-7 to return. Mazda has stated that the rotary engine is back in production but they might not use it in a sports car. The engine was simple to modify and a blast to drive.

The RX-7 was the most famous of rotary-powered cars, and the FD-series (the latest of its three versions) is currently in high demand. Today’s technology may produce an equally enjoyable vehicle and reintroduce a groundbreaking engine to a market that has been missing it.

3 Honda S2000

The Honda S2000 is the greatest competitor to the Mazda MX-5 and the end of the Honda roadster line from the 1960s. It had more elegance and performance than a Miata at the time and is one of the finest sports cars ever made.

It also had the same featherweight feel and convertible freedom as Mazda’s car, and it was powered by one of the finest four-cylinder engines ever built. With a new model, why wouldn’t Honda want to expand on that reputation? We have even seen an S2000 with a Tesla Motor powering it.

2 Dodge/SRT Viper

The Viper is, without a doubt, one of the sexiest automobiles to ever come out of Detroit. It’s a true legend, with its ludicrous appearance, enormous V-10 engine, and reputation for being tough to control. They designed the viper solely for the speed.

It lacked exterior-mounted door handles and air conditioning, which would have slowed its speed. In 2018, there were rumors that the Viper will get revived soon. Since that time, Stellantis, Dodge’s current parent company, has made no official word about the Viper’s return.

1 Lancia 037

People who are old enough in the UK and the rest of the world will recall the name ‘Lancia.’ It’s a car brand they remember hearing a lot of years ago. Anyone who remembers the early 1980s World Rally Championship will recognize the attraction of this thin little Italian rocket.

Kimera (a restomod firm) attempted to resurrect the Lancia as well. The same engineers and suppliers who created the original Lancia rally vehicle created and built the modern EVO37. So we even have the groundwork to bring the legend back!

kimera evo 37 pics

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