These Are Our Favorite Features Of The Charger Hellcat Redeye

dodges are certainly not huge fans of the advancements in fuel efficiency and electronic powertrains in vehicles, as the newest addition to their Charger lineup makes evidently clear.

The Hellcat Redeye is powered by an old school V8 with enormous power, but the other areas of the Charger haven’t been neglected either as the car has a decent level of interior and rear cargo space, a comfortable interior and enough tech to make occupants very happy indeed. Below are some of our favorite features on the new Dodge Charger Hellcat Redeye.

10 the engine

It seems the most obvious place to start with the Charger is with its engine. Dodge seems to be going for more is better with the power ratings on their newest models, and the Charger Hellcat Redeye is one of the most powerful of all.

This should come as no surprise when you realize the Charger is powered by a 6.2-liter supercharged V8. The output for this ridiculous engine is a monumental 797 hp, and if that doesn’t make you want it, nothing else will.

9 Transmission And Drivetrain

To cope with all of that ridiculousness, Dodge have applied high quality parts to help keep the power somewhat at bay, and this comes in the form of its well-designed transmission and drivetrain especially.

The Charger is equipped with an incredible 8-speed automatic transmission which handles the power well. To handle the extra oomph from the engine, Dodge have strengthened the drivetrain with a driveshaft that’s roughly 15% stronger and axles which are around 20% stronger.

8th Performance And Speed

It’s quite literally no exaggeration when we say the Charger Redeye has genuine supercar performance in the body of a sedan. Of course, that extra power goes a long way.

The top speed of the Charger is 203 mph, and you may think it’s only capable of driving in a straight line, but in fact, the Dodge is remarkably capable around corners with help from the wide body, which adds an extra 3.5 or so inches of track width. The adaptive dampers also work wonders in keeping the car as level as possible and help to make it somewhat agile, at least for a sedan with 797 hp anyway. As for acceleration, the Charger will hit 0-60 mph in 3 seconds flat. Again, these stats are comparable to most supercars rather than comparable sedans.

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7 Aggressive exterior

The exterior of the Charger is a sight to behold, and it certainly looks much better than a variety of its rivals, if it even has any, with a mix of aggressive and surprisingly tame styling all round.

The wide body kit and aggressive front lights make the Charger look mean but once you look towards the side and rear, the car becomes slightly more reserved and doesn’t look all too different from a regular Charger truth be told, but this approach makes it all that more interesting. The most obvious sign that this isn’t a regular Charger, however, is that gigantic hood scoop, providing some much-needed cooling to that monstrous V8.

6 Ride Quality And Daily Usage

Perhaps the one area in which the Charger dominates over its just as ridiculous relative, the Challenger, is with its everyday drivability.

The ride quality isn’t going to match any rival sedans from BMW or Mercedes, however, given the power on display, it is far from uncomfortable and has a high enough quality interior to keep most people comfortable at all times. It’s also much more usable if you have a family with its four door layout, which further helps with everyday usage.

5 interior design

Even for a car which is quite obviously performance based, the Charger still comes with a high quality leather interior and although the design lacks a little innovation, the simplistic approach at least works well.

The seats are comfortable and there are a variety of optional packages to help improve the general feel of the cabin like a leather and Alcántara mix, Alcántara steering wheel, red leather with matching seatbelts and some carbon fiber trim to replace the standard metal pieces.

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4 tech features

The Charger may be somewhat of a throwback, but Dodge have still given enough tech features to make the Hellcat Redeye at least feel modern.

Dual zone automatic climate control is present, along with heated and ventilated seats. An 8.4-inch infotainment screen, Wi-Fi hotspot and voice control functionality is also provided.

3 The Spaciousness

Another area where the Charger performs well is with the amount of space available both inside and for the rear cargo area. This is helped by the massive overall size of the car itself.

Rear passengers are treated to just over 40 inches of rear legroom and slightly over 36 inches of headroom, which is more than enough to accommodate four passengers comfortably with an option for five. The rear cargo area offers up 467 liters of storage space, almost double the Ford Mustangs 257 liters.

2 Upgrades Over Charger Hellcat

You could be forgiven for thinking that this is just a Dodge Charger Hellcat with a bit more power, but Dodge have equipped the Hellcat Redeye with a little more than that.

For starters, Brembo have provided some huge brakes and the engine does of course get around 90 more hp due to a bigger 2.7-liter supercharger over the regular Hellcat’s 2.4-liter one. This also means an increase in rpm too, with 6500 rpm possible over the standard Hellcat’s 6200 rpm. The Redeye is also given stronger pistons and rods, an upgraded valvetrain, and better oiling capability.

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1 Price to performance value

The Hellcat Redeye genuinely one of the best sedans on the road when performance to value is considered. Almost nothing with four doors comes close to the level of speed this car provides.

Even power and performance aside, the Charger provides a roomy cabin, high quality materials and a comfortable enough ride to be used every day. $70,000 may sound like a lot of money, but getting genuine supercar performance from a car with this much space and four doors is not to be sniffed at.

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