These Are The Best Features Of The 1965 DeTomaso Sport 5000 Spyder

DeTomaso Sport 5000 was known to be a racing sports car. Unfortunately, its production stopped right after the first sample. Of the 49 cars that were envisaged, eventually, only one unit of the car made it to production. Roberto Bussinello, DeTomaso’s test, and development driver drove the Sport 5000 in Mugello 500 km race on July 17, 1966. This would go on to be the only appearance of the Sports 5000 in a competition.

Other names for De Tomaso Sport 5000 are Ghia DeTomaso, De Tomaso 70P, and De Tomaso P70.

The single-seater racer was built in 1965 by De Tomaso and designed by Pete Brock. It headlined on Issue of Road and Track cover and was talked about in an article of March 1966. It was developed by Peter Brock and Medardo Fantuzzi in the Fantuzzi workshop.

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DeTomaso Automobili: An Overview Of The Company

In 1958 De Tomaso launched his company, DeTomaso Automobili, in Modena in 1959. He produced his first road car, the Vallelunga, which featured De Tomaso’s signature advanced lightweight spine chassis. Vallelunga’s design was great and beautiful except for the tiny and underpowered 4-cylinder Ford engine it had that couldn’t get it to perform excellently as a functional sports car. It was fitted with an American V8 engine and De Tomaso ensured that the backbone chassis was redesigned to give enough support to the new engine.

De Tomaso was locally made in Italy by some smiths, but the result was unsatisfactory, so Shelby requested that Brock should remake it together with Medardo Fantuzzi. They made the Tomaso with movable rear wings and full doors. While Shelby was financing the project, De Tomaso was the car engineer, Peter Brock was the designer, and Carrozzeria Fantuzzi was the fabricator.

However, Shelby didn’t wait to complete the project with Fantuzzi and made for a different project, Ford GT40. Afterward, De Tomaso completed the project with Ghia. Hence, the name Ghia DeTomaso.

The building of the car was finalized on 3rd September. Ghia logos are still fitted on its body to date even though it was built by Fantauzzi. The sport 5000 was raced with the Ferrari 250LMin on a hill climb but could not complete the race.

Hinged on a Vallelunga’s chassis with slight changes, it was packed at Fantuzzi’s workshop for roughly 40 years until it made another public appearance after De Tomaso’s death in 2004.

Specifications And Features Of The 1965 DeTomaso Sport 5000 Spyder

Matted with a Ford V8 engine type made of aluminum alloy head and a cast-iron block, its engine works with 4 Weber carburetors at 469 hp at 7300 rpm and two valve cylinders.

A steel chassis was used as the backbone for the aluminum-bodied car with two wishbones. There are two wishbones, coil springs above cylindrical shock absorbers on the front wheels, then top links, twin trailing, reversed lower wishbones, arms, and coil springs above the cylindrical shock absorbers. So, the car uses a 5-speed manual gearbox.

The car is said to weigh about 1455 lbs, and it is approximately 408 cm in length and 177 cm in width. Its performance figure of power to weight is 0.72bho/kg.

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The Best Features Of The 1965 De Tomaso Sport 5000 Spyder

The Tomaso sports 5000 has an Italian design with a strong American engine. The compact engine performed with 475 HP at 7,300 RPM to a Colotti-inspired 5-speed transaxle.

A sleek portable car with a huge rear wing regulated by the driver for varying aerodynamics and big doors made it suitable for GT racing. It is a right-hand drive that gives the driver a better line of sight when seeing past vehicles in front. It has a higher windshield and full doors like Brock’s beautiful design.

Its exaggerated adjustable rear wings deliver distinctive road grip and downforce.

The sport 5000 was sold in 2005 to an American collector by a previous Belgian collector after it was sold from De Tomaso’s estate.

The only produced De Tomaso Sport 5000 was never redone; it is still in its original state as a 289/475 HP small block with a DeTomaso-built Colotti-style gearbox. It also still bears the initial Fantuzzi-crafted, Brock-designed body, red paint, and appearance.

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