These Badass Discontinued Coupes Deserve A Successor

It breaks our heart to see some of the world’s most sought after cars being discontinued due to stricter emission regulations, safety precautions, and other things of the sort that impact the way sports cars are created. For instance, Lamborghini had to seize the development of its legendary V12 engine used in so many classic supercars for eternity.

Some cars we thought would never have a successor actually made a new appearance in the modern world like the Nissan Z; Toyota recently unveiled 15 electric vehicles which include the electrified successors of the Lexus LFA and Toyota MR-2.

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10 Volvo P1800

Some might argue that the P1800 isn’t dead and that the new restomod Cyan resurrected the luxury tourer’s name, but what we need from Volvo is for them to dip their Swedish feet into the sports car schene again. Not only was the P1800 one of the most gorgeous beings to ever roll on four wheels, but it was also one of the most indestructible by reaching 3.25 million miles.

Now just imagine: It’s the mid-2020s, flying cars are already being mass-produced, the USA might have a president younger than 80 years old, and Volvo is dominating the grand tourer section since their P1800’s successor costs a fraction of its competitors, and is drenched in the most advanced technological features too.

9 AC Cobra

The AC Cobra might look like an authentic Shelby Cobra that’s worth over a million dollars, but in reality, it’s a look-alike built by AC Motors that contains a muscular 425 hp 7.0-liter Ford V8. While this might upset some die-hard Shelby fans, the AC Cobra was a fantastic way for buyers to get the taste of what these power snakes could do without spending an absurd price to drive one of them.

With stricter safety and emission regulations, a reincarnation of the Cobra might look vastly different and make use of a smaller engine, but the genius team at AC will find a way to make it quadruple the fun no doubt.

8th Honda S2000

The S2000 name died off in 2009, and we know it hasn’t been long, but we miss the S2000 so dearly already. The Honda S2000 was a lightweight topless JDM sports car that made use of a marvelous manual gearbox, naturally aspirated 2.0-liter four-cylinder to wind up 237 hp, and with Honda’s cheeky VTEC system, so it felt especially preppy in the high rev range .

Oh, speaking of ludicrously high numbers, the S2000’s redline was listed at 9,000 rpm, which meant it acted like a minuscule racecar. Honda has been smashing it with their new models, like the Civic, but we need a new lightweight sports car from them asap

7 BMW M1

We never thought we’d see the Bavarians bring a supercar to life, but with the help of Lamborghini, the sleek BMW M1 made its way into existence back in the year 1978. The M1 was never meant to be a mass-produced production car , it was built strictly to accommodate homologation rules, and only 400 road-legal models were ever made.

BMW certainly doesn’t disappoint when it comes to the new cars they’ve been releasing, but there is a huge gap in their lineup that a supercar would fit exquisitely. Now that the i8 has been discontinued as well, the best time for a new top-of-the-range model is yesterday, they even teased us with the BMW M1 Hommage back in 2008.

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6 Jaguar XJ220

Back in the day, Jaguar loved experimenting with cars to redefine what was possible to man, and the XJ220 is a perfect example thereof. This rear-wheel-drive British supercar was powered by a 3.5-liter V6 that sent all 545 posh horsepower to just the rear wheels. The Jaguar XJ220 was the world’s fastest production car when it first launched with a top speed of 212.3 mph, and the iconic Jag has to live on for future generations too.

Jaguar made our mouths water at the drop of a pin when they unveiled the C-X75 concept, it looked promising, but sadly never went into production. For now, we’ll dream of a new supercar with the feline’s logo on it, but hopefully, soon get to see some in real life.

5 Citroën DS

The Citroën DS fell into its own vehicle category, as it didn’t quite fit in with other hatchbacks, neither looked like a sedan but certainly drove like an uber-expensive luxury car, after all, it had a nifty feature called hydropneumatic suspension.

Citroën used to make vehicles like the DS5 and DS3, but eventually, the DS name evolved to become its own brand, and they’ve been making some exemplary cars ever since, but as for sticking to their roots, they haven’t quite nailed that aspect yet. Technology is more innovative than ever before and capable of things we only ever dreamed of, a modernized Citroën DS that pays tribute to its predecessor would be spectacular!

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4 BMW 3.0 CSL

Ah, the famous Batmobile as some may recall it. The 3.0 CSL was much like the BMW M1, both cars were homologation specials built in order for BMW to qualify for races, and both made us praise racing guidelines for being so strict at the time, but one frustrating fact they share is that both cars were so close to receiving a successor, but never did.

The Batmobile’s concept revival was called the 3.0 CSL Hommage R, and it looked astonishing… BMW has created some crazy limited-edition models, the newest being the M5 CS, but the only one that could have been more bonkers would be an overhauled csl.

3 Mitsubishi Eclipse

Yes, there’s a Mitsubishi for sale today that shares the same name as the cool 2000s sports car, the Eclipse, but the one that’s for sale at the moment is a compact SUV that shares absolutely nothing with the original.

Mitsubishi has been responsible for some remarkable cars, especially sports cars, like the Lancer Evo, 3000 GT, and the Starion, but they have halted all production of sports cars as there is a lack of buyers; most people are interested in SUVs nowadays. We believe that it’s in our… we mean Mitsubishi’s best interest to lessen their focus on big practical vehicles, and in return make some more awesome sports cars.

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2 dodge viper

The Viper name will forever echo on, no matter if it’s extinct, but we’d prefer it if its spirit lived on through another sports car built by Dodge. See, the maniacs at Dodge aren’t quite fond of being eco friendly, they put a Hellcat V8 motor into anything that breathes, and have a way of finding loopholes no one ever thought of, like with the Dodge Demon and its $1 not-so-legal option.

Maybe, just maybe, Dodge could continue with the Viper’s recipe: fun over safety, naturally aspirated flavor, and maybe tone done its V10’s displacement from 8.4-liters to let’s say 8.3-liters? It might not be as fuel-efficient or as dispirited as some righteous individuals want them to be.

1 Alfa Romeo 8C

The 8C Competizione was Alfa Romeo’s first and final full-blown modern supercar ever, unfortunately, it never received a true successor, well at least it spawned the beloved 4C. A proper revival of the 8C’ will take a team of miracle-working engineers that need to accomplish what seems to be impossible…

But Alfa’s team of geniuses is known for their ways of defying the odds, and a sexy V8-powered Italian-bred supercar could be exactly what the world needs at the moment.

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