These Were The Fastest Naturally Aspirated Cars Of The 2000s

By the time the 2000s rolled around everything was getting turbocharged, from little 1-liter three-cylinders to huge V12 diesels, with improved cooling they got exponentially more reliable and had the added benefit of improved emissions.

So naturally aspirated engines gradually became rarer and rarer, except for the very pinnacle of high-performance engines, that is. The quad-turbo Bugatti Veyron may have grabbed all the headlines, but the chasing pack was littered with naturally aspirated V10s and V12s. Ferrari were as always a force and the V12 they developed was an absolute gem of a super carengine. Pagani had also emerged as a hypercar contender with its AMG-sourced V12 and even Porsche was willing to ditch tradition, so they could get in on the hypercar act with a fresh V10 of their own.

10 Porsche Carrera GT: 208 mph

After seeing all the other hypercars getting developed, Porsche felt the need to prove that they could also make one, and make one they did.

With a mid-mounted 5.7-liter V10 that could rev all the way up to 8400 rpm it was everything anyone could have ever asked for, it also sold relatively well for an exclusive car like this, but that does not mean they will come cheap .

9 Lamborghini Murciélago LP 670-4 SuperVeloce: 213 Mph

By the early 2000s the Diablo was pretty dated and desperately needed a successor. The Murciélago was to be their very first car developed under the watchful eye of new owners, the VW Group.

They did not disappoint, producing what would become one of their best-selling models, but it was the exclusive SuperVeloce that clocked in the best top speed right at the back end of the decade (as long as it didn’t have the optional wing fitted).

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8th Pagani Zonda F: 214 mph

Making nearly 600 horsepower from the AMG-derived V12 engine, this was arguably one of the most incredible hypercars to emerge in the 00s.

By comparison, Pagani was still a fledgling company, but their experience working with composites helped them achieve incredible things. They also had near comical fuel economy, getting around 8 mpg, worse if you take it to the track.

7 Pagani Zonda Cinque: 214 mph

Only five of these beautiful cars were made, making it one of the rarest, most sought-after cars of the 2000s.

All Pagani cars appreciate in value, they are an art form, but these gained value in an almost exponential way. You will at least be able to do some touring in this one as it has a range of just over 300 miles, although we doubt anyone would have the courage to drive a car this rare that far!

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6 Ferrari FXX: 214 mph

This is one of those strange cars that you may drive, but not really own outright. Ferrari will keep this for you, and you may drive it around the track whenever you so wish, but you can’t take it home.

You may take it and store it at a track of your choosing, but once again, only Ferrari technicians may work on the car. To most of us, this may seem absurd, even if it is one of the fastest cars money can’t really buy.

5 Pagani Zonda S Roadster: 214 mph

What is so impressive about the roadster version is the fact that it is just as fast as the hardtop.

To make a soft-top version of any car, weight has to be added so that the frame can be strengthened, but so little weight was added that it makes no perceptible difference to the performance.

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4 Ferrari Enzo: 217 mph

Interestingly, the Enzo, the car upon which the FXX track car is based on, is actually marginally faster. Clearly, the track-oriented version is more concerned about making downforce, but this fact must have irked some of the 29 carefully selected owners.

The Enzo is slower to 60, but not by much. It is an incredible piece of engineering in its own right. Not exactly pretty, though.

3 Saleen S7: 220mph

Saleen graduated from just being a high-class tuner to making their own car, and the S7 was a mighty effort considering who they were going up against.

They offered both a naturally aspirated version and a twin-turbo version that could reach 240 mph, this naturally aspirated car was still impressive and good for 220.

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2 Pagani Zonda R: 233mph*

Once again, they simply knocked it out of the park in terms of design, somehow managing to improve on perfection.

This track-only version was made in seriously exclusive numbers, but unlike the Ferrari, you can actually own it. It is worth mentioning that the top speed is unofficial, but we certainly believe them.

1 Ferrari FXX Evolution: 249 mph

It is possible that the super-rich FXX owners didn’t like the fact that the Enzo was technically faster, so Ferrari came up with the Evo package in 2009 that made these otherworldly cars even faster.

It included several tweaks that reduced shifting times by milliseconds and improved aerodynamics. It is the aero we need to focus on because those changes made a huge difference to the top speed.

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