This 1972 Plymouth Barracuda Custom Is An Absolute Beauty

the Plymouth Barracuda is one of the most popular and well-loved of all classic muscle cars. It comes from the golden era of muscle cars, from the mid-late 1960s onwards, with the first Barracuda emerging in 1964. The Barracuda went through three generations and various guises before it disappeared in 1974, and in 2022 the Barracuda is a highly sought after -After classic muscle car. And Mecum Auctions is one place where some very interesting examples of this car can crop up. Such as this pretty cool one right here.

Mecum is hosting an auction in Orlando from July 6-9 this year, and this 1972 Plymouth Barracuda, or Cuda as the car is often referred to, is one very interesting example. This is a custom Barracuda, which was all built up by Undercover Restorations in Merritt Island, Florida. Being a 1972 Cuda, this means that this particular example is part of the third and final generation of the car. And 1972-1974 was the final iteration of that third generation. While customizing classic muscle cars might not be to everyone’s taste, there are some interesting features on this car.

Detailing The Third Generation Barracuda

When it comes to this generation of the Barracuda, the third generation of the Barracuda emerged in 1970 and was in production until 1974. Previous generations of the Barracuda had some commonality with the Plymouth Valiant, but that was all removed with the third generation of the car. Gone was the fastback design, and the Barracuda was available solely as a coupe and convertible model. The car also had a shorter and wider version of the Chrysler B platform, the E-body, which was also used on the then newly launched Dodge Challenger.

Various engine options were available, these ranged from the 198 ci slant-six engine, right up to the mighty 440 ci RB V8 engine. That engine produced 390 hp, which was a very impressive figure for the era that the car is from. For 1972-1974, the Barracuda went through a few changes. A new grille and single headlights were then added to the car, and four circular taillights also come in 1972. After that, the Barracuda remained basically unchanged up to the end of its production run in 1974. Only new bodyside stripes and minor bumper changes were noticable before the car was then taken out of production.

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Checking Out The Custom Barracuda

This Barracuda listed on Mecum Auctions is certainly an interesting example. As we said, it’s built by Undercover Restorations, and it is in a very noticeable two-tone Sublime Green and Metallic Pearl Black. If that wasn’t enough, the Barracuda also has AAR-style stripes painted on the side, with Cuda at the rear of the car. And when it comes to the powertrain in this Barracuda, it has a 6.1-liter 425 Hp V8 Hemi engine. That is plenty of power for this classic muscle car. And that power needs a strong transmission, with this ca having a T54 Magnum six-speed transmission.

This custom Barracuda also has Dayna 44 independent rear suspension with a custom front K member too. Even the steering with this car is custom, as it was at some point converted to power rack and pinion steering. Big red Brembo brakes should give this Cuda plenty of stopping power. The wheel design is also custom, with the Cuda featuring a custom set of CCW wheels at 18×10.5 at the front and 19×11 at the rear, and these are inside Hankook tires. It isn’t just the outside and mechanics of the car that have had changes, either.

Custom Changes To The Barracuda’s Interior

Step inside this Barracuda, and we can see even more changes. The interior is factory inspired but with a carbon fiber style dash to add a bit of flair to it. Gauges wise, the Barracuda has Classic Instruments gauges to give it a classic yet modern feel, while there is a JVC stereo system with Phoenix Gold Speakers and two 10-inch subwoofers. So you certainly won’t be lacking when it comes to audio quality in this car! Power windows, power locks and factory air conditioning are some very welcome additions to make the car more user-friendly.

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The Finishing Touches To The Barracuda

The finishing touches to this car are the new grille and chrome bumpers at the front and rear, new fuel tank with its in tank pump and sending unit, plus the new door panels and moldings. As far as custom-builds go, this particular one is quite tasteful, although there are some changes that people might not be so happy with. The wheel design could be one of those. Mecum say though that this car is going to be a star of their Orlando 2022 auction, and we will watch with interest to see how much it sells for.

Source: Mecum Auctions

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