This Is How Much A 2005 BMW M3 Costs Today

2005 was an iconic year for the automotive industry, and some credit for that has to go to the BMW M3. Notably, the 2005 BMW M3 was the fifth edition of the BMW M3 E46 that was launched in the year 2000, and it is regarded as the best edition of the M3 till date.

The significance of the BMW M3 cannot be understated, as it is one of the most influential sports cars ever since it hit the roads in 1986. Since its inception, the M3 has featured several engines, ranging from an inline-four to an inline- six, and even a V8.

Even with numerous amazing releases before and after it, the BMW E46 is still rated as one of the most potent M3 models ever, and thus becoming a benchmark for modern performance cars, as it strikes the perfect balance with power, weight, and handling.

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BMW E46 M3: Serving Immense Power Through An Inline-Six

The E46 was a turning point in the line of M3s, as the model was initially focused on offering balance to a car that already had enough power under the hood to burn out tires with relative ease. This power came courtesy of the S54 engine, a 3.2-liter dual overhead cam 24-valve inline-six that produces 333 HP. This BMW inline-six is ​​one of the best straight-six engines ever made by the German manufacturer.

The straight-six fitted in the 2005 BMW M3 is an amazing piece of naturally-aspirated engine, with performance that fills gearheads with joy. At the midrange, the engine produces a low grumble which becomes a full-on roar at its peak rev of 7,900 rpm. The torque figures aren’t that high, with just 262 lb-ft at 4,900 rpm, and this doesn’t stop it from providing the most BMW-ish sound experience you can get from an M3.

The launch time of this M3 is 4.8 seconds from rest to 60 mph, and it’ll also sprint to a quarter-mile distance in 13.3 seconds. The M3’s weight comes in a bit heavy at 3,450 lbs, but the S54 engine has enough power to carry this without making the chassis feel overwhelmed. The E46 with its S54 is the main reason the E36 and its S52 feel so pedestrian.

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BMW E46 M3: Classy Interior Fitted With Highly Comfortable Seats

The E46’s interior maintains BMW’s image of producing great interiors by the use of premium materials all around, and it also offers a roomy cabin. This M3 offers an elegant three-spoke steering wheel along with brushed aluminum shifter and door handles, while the brushed aluminum treatment continues across the dashboard, making for a premium all-around interior experience.

The E46 adopted the E36’s lower chassis position, but this doesn’t reveal as much of the E46’s snout as the former. The seats are especially roomy and have enough lumbar pads to keep your shoulders in check. The seat position on the E46 seems correct along with the pedal placement, however, it doesn’t offer much foot room when compared to the E36, and this can be a concern for people with long feet.

The interior has that custom-tailored quality to it that we expect from BMW, with a color scheme that appeals to the eyes. The E46 has a more “focused” interior, and this provides the unique sensation of a car that suits both business and casual activities.

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The 2005 BMW M3: An Enthralling Performance Car That Sells For A Bargain

The 2005 version of the BMW M3 was in high demand after its release, and it is still highly revered among street race enthusiasts and car tuners today. Well, unlike before, you can now get a used 2005 BMW M3 for as low as $17,000 on CarFax which shows the listing for over 50 used BMW M3s. Also, the performance variants can be as high as $25,000, and this is still a bargain considering the legacy of this car.

We found one 2005 BMW M3 with a performance package, a $4,000 add-on when the car was originally launched, and it also features bigger brake calipers, an upgraded suspension, and M Track mode for BMW’s Dynamic Stability Control. If this interests you, the model is a convertible version, and it is available for $14,000. However, the price range for a used 2005 BMW M3 will vary between $18,000 to $24,000 depending on mileage, with some of the best deals often coming at a price below $22,000.

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