This Plymouth Barracuda Gains Some Muscle In All The Right Places

The classic muscle car has received a wild widebody and a Hemi engine from an imaginative digital artist in this stunning rendering.

Digital car renderings truly are wonderful. They allow some highly talented artists to let their imagination run riot, without needing to spend money on modifying a real life car. One of the best renderers is Timothy Adry Emmanuel, who has crafted some very cool renderings over the last few years. His latest rendering is a very cool piece of work, taking his dream muscle car, the Plymouth Barracuda, and giving it a widebody conversion that might make some people wince. But we think it’s incredibly cool.

Plenty Of Changes Evident Across The Barracuda

There is a huge number of changes across this muscle car, and we see that instantly at the very front. Sticking out below the bumper area is a front spoiler. Not quite a full splitter, but big enough that it is easily noticeable. Above that, the general fascia of the Barracuda has remained the same, so it is still recognizable as the Plymouth classic. Looking at the hood though, we see a huge blower sticking out from the engine bay, indicating the blown Hemi engine that is powering this mighty muscle car.

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Widebody Additions Bulk Up The Barracuda

The widebody modifications certainly add a bit of bulk to this Barracuda. The front probably has the more noticeable modifications, with the wider fenders over the front wheels and the general extra bulkiness of the bodywork around that portion of the car.

The side section around the door area has stayed quite similar to the original Barracuda, but the extra wide fenders at the front and the rear do enough to really change the appearance of the car. Some people might not be super keen on a widebody Barracuda, but the concept is superbly executed here.

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A Dramatic Change For A Muscle Car Classic

It is, though, a dramatic change for a muscle car classic. And these changes continue at the rear of the car. A rear spoiler is present on the back of the Barracuda, and the larger rear fenders and rear-quarter panels are also quite obvious, too. If we look at the interior, we can see Emmanuel has added a roll-cage to the car, and the wheel design he has gone for is certainly not stock. It is certainly a very different way of interpreting the Barracuda. But there is no denying this particular one would stand out from the crowd.

Source: adry53customs Instagram Page

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