This Pontiac GTO Gets Serious

The muscle car receives the digital artist treatment with this stunning two-color paint job, highlighting the widebody kit and aggressive stance.

The digital car rendering world is full of brilliant creations. There are plenty of incredibly talented artists out there who produce some truly amazing content. The best thing is that because this work is all digital, renderers don’t need to find a real car to go and modify.

One of the best at their craft is Emmanuel Brito. And his latest creation is this stunning looking Pontiac GTO, that is now in a full widebody kit that makes it look like it is on steroids.

A Dramatic And Evil Looking Pontiac

The first thing to note is the dramatic stance this car has when we look at the front. The car is in a bit of a split paint scheme. It is orange on one side, then black on the other with an orange strip down the middle. This gives it quite an evil stance from the head-on view. At the front of the GTO is a big splitter, with struts keeping it firmly in place, and these are visibly connected just under the front fascia. There is very limited ground clearance too with this big splitter.

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The Full Wide Body Kit

We then see the widebody kit of the GTO come into full view. The front fenders are massive and sit above some pretty big tires, and the top-down view sees the extra bulk in the front and also the rear fenders on this incredible looking car. We also get a great view of the split paint scheme the GTO is in.

The side sees a few changes as well, most notably the bigger side skirts, protruding out from the bottom of the car. The side also allows us to look at the bigger quarter panels in front of the rear wheels and behind the front wheels.

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The Pontiac GTO On Steroids

The rear of the car shows off those bigger fenders beautifully, as they again arch over the massive tires and extend into the rear quarter panel. We get a good look at the exhaust arrangement on this GTO too, with a dual exhaust setup either side of the GTO and the iconic rear wing is also present. And like the rest of the car, the rear wing has gained the pretty cool dual paint scheme that we see across the rest of the muscle car. The rendering is capped off with an impressive rear diffuser, that is well integrated into the car’s bodywork.

Source: via personalizatuauto Instagram Page

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