This Ram Warlock Is The Ultimate Badass Pickup Truck

A talented digital artist has worked his magic to create this beast of a truck, based on the SR-10 and it is big, bold and screaming out to get built.

the R.A.M Warlock package is the package for the man who hates chrome. The huge chrome grille on the Rams of today is perhaps too pretentious for some, and for others it’s too old-fashioned. Whatever your reasoning may be, the Warlock is a badass package. However, for @jlord8 on Instagram, it wasn’t enough to justify the name Warlock.

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Sorcerer’s Delight

As you may be aware, the definition of a Warlock is a man who practices witchcraft. A sorcerer of sorts, but usually with a dark magic appeal. And @jlord8 took this to another level with his Instagram post showcasing his idea of ​​what this truck should look like. It is a two-door delight which dons a very sinister matte black finish with dark bronze accents. These accents line the hood curves as well as down the side from the top of the headlights to the top of the rear lights.

At the rear of the bed, we have a decal that says Warlock in that bronze accent. The wheels are reminiscent of the Dodge Ram SRT-10 (pictured above) with a concave style 10-spoke bronze rim which is home to some low profile tires. Behind the wheels, we find enlarged brakes with red-painted calipers, which again are reminiscent of the SRT-10. The Ram badge on the black grill also offers an outline of the bronze finishing.

Assumptions To Make On The Pickup Truck

We would like to imagine things about this car, as it is only an image and in no way a real car. It screams out that it wants to work, but that it will be blasting Metallica while doing it. It is like that quiet, hardworking teenager that just has his or her earphones in all day but gets the job done right.

We like to assume that this has that gorgeous Viper V10 that the SRT-10 had, and we need to assume that this would be a loud growling beast that would wake the neighbors. Thanks to the bed walls, we can also imagine this truck blasting down a gravelly country road with a bale of hay, in the back.

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Should Ram Build This Warlock?

As with every car rendering, it is easy to get lost in the possibilities of options the vehicles could have. The bronze rims and accents on this truck are absolutely spectacular, and it offers up a lot of inspiration for others who own trucks and dabble in modifications. Do we think that Ram should build it? Well, well… BUT if we saw this on the road, we’d definitely chase that person down to talk because this is a beautiful build. This is a perfect example of saying “built, not bought.”

A truly beautiful truck, @jlord8. Keep ’em coming.

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