‘Through All The Struggles, Failures & Victories, My Only Mission Has Been To Make My Parents Proud’

When I was in school, I used to be bullied because I was very skinny. I was never confident enough to face people because of how I looked. To make matters worse, I was just an average child at school.

When I thought of myself in the future, I used to think that I would be on a night shift working in front of a computer for a meagre salary. On the other hand, destiny had a whole new plan for me. When I started going to the gym, I did not think of bodybuilding as a career. My only aim back then was to look strong and confident.

A friend of mine pushed me to stand on the stage, but I never had enough confidence. Finally, when I did my first show, I won a gold in the 55-kg category, which is achievable if I look back now. However, the push that gave me is incomparable.

In my initial days, I would save up every penny to be able to pay my gym fees and manage my diet. There have been so many instances when I have taken a loan from my friends to be able to work out. While my family appreciated my small victories on the stage, they knew that I could never earn a living out of it.

I Would Save My Prize Money For My Diet

Once, after my initial wins, the manager of my gym, and now my coach, called me and asked me if I was serious about what I was doing. Once he was convinced, he agreed to provide me with personal training without charging a rupee.

I would use the prize money from my competitions for my diet and manage my workouts. I have been disqualified from events for participating in different events so that I could book my flight tickets.

I was preparing for my event in March 2020, but the lockdown happened, and the event was postponed indefinitely. At that point, it felt like I was struggling, and there was no end to it. Nevertheless, I had my online clients, and therefore, I had a steady income, so I was thriving.

On August 22, I slept after delivering the necessary diet plans to my clients, but the next day when I woke up, my account on Instagram was disabled without any specific reason. I tried my best to retrieve it but could not. That was the only source of my income. On the lowest day of my life, when I thought that maybe everything was over for me, a close friend motivated me to start again.

A Stigma Associated With Being A Gym Trainer

No matter what I achieved or how much I earned, the stigma regarding a person being a gym trainer is still prevalent in our society. My parents could never proudly say that their son is a ‘gym trainer’. My driving force is my family. Therefore, I knew that I just wanted to see them happy and proud no matter what I did. I saved up as much as possible and opened my gym on May 28, 2021. Now I have a social standing, and people know I am a professional bodybuilder and have my gym.

I was amongst the top five athletes for Mr India this year. Bodybuilding is a psychological sport that breaks you to shreds more than physical.

While there is still a long way to go, I know that I have come far from where I used to be. If it were not for the chain of events, maybe I would be sitting in front of a computer screen and doing my night shift. Nonetheless, if someone asks me what my goal is, I do not know that; I want to live this day to the fullest and that whatever happens tomorrow will be for the better.

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