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Now more than ever, you can never be sure when danger may strike.

A new studio wants to help residents be safe rather than sorry.

The Training Edge KY actually opened its doors in February 2020 right before the COVID-19 pandemic got underway. Now owners Stan and Mandy Moreland have relaunched at 15 Eury Lane (next to Somerset Mall) and are hosting a free women’s self-defense seminar this Saturday afternoon with guest officer Elgin Pettus of the Somerset Police Department.

Stan Moreland specializes in the instruction of Krav Maga, a defense system designed by the Israeli military that he says is particularly easy to learn and helps build cardio fitness.

“It’s actually a crossfit because it is a military system,” Mr. Moreland said. “Most people don’t even realize how well they’re doing until they get to a point where they to do a very long test and they can do it straight.”

Moreland said Krav Maga is similar to martial arts — noting that he first learned about it when his son was studying karate in western New York state. The instructor-owner, Steve Spoth, also taught Krav.

“It was the type of system that I would have wanted to learn,” he said. “It’s a principle-based system and it doesn’t take years.…It’s designed for defending yourself, not to play around or get in the ring.”

As Moreland trained toward black belt status, he became an assistant trainer to Spoth. The family ultimately decided to move out of New York — first looking to relocate to Tennessee from western New York state when they found Somerset Christian School, which they loved for their son. The Morelands moved to this community two and a half years ago.

It was through a friend from church expressing interest that Mr. Moreland realized that he might be able to teach Krav Maga locally. Luckily, his former trainer gave him permission to carry on his school’s name and thus The Training Edge KY was born.

“All of the curriculum I have is actually still directly associated with him,” Moreland said of his decision to open in Somerset. “There was nothing like this around here; it’s a great system to teach, and I did assist [at The Training Edge] so I knew the teaching system, and I have the accountability and leadership of Master Spoth [behind the school], It makes a pretty good fit.”

The Training Edge KY currently offers two classes each on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays and one class each on Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings. Classes are co-ed and for ages at least 13. Participants are required to attend two sessions per week to stay on track with the belt system.

“It’s a great way to keep your New Year’s resolutions,” Moreland said, adding that training in Krav helped him prepare for 5K racing. “You’re getting in shape but you’re learning stuff that you can take with you to get you home safely.”

“Anybody can do it,” Mrs. Moreland added.

Saturday’s women-only seminar, beginning at 4:30 pm, is one of a series that the Morelands plan to offer quarterly. Participants are encouraged to wear modest workout clothing and must be 13 or older. Registration is not required but welcomed by emailing name and contact information to

Mr. Moreland added that anyone unable to attend is welcome to come watch a class during regular business hours. To learn more, call 485-4025 or check out their Facebook page by searching “The Training Edge KY.” You can also visit to learn about the system in general.


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